27 October 2010

Pumpkin Carving


We enjoyed a relaxing Saturday. Justin went out duck hunting with a buddy all morning. The kids and I worked on laundry and lazing about. That was about the sum total of our Saturday. Phillip contracted the flu on Friday. He threw up sporadically Saturday and Sunday as well. I stayed home from church with him, we both got a nice nap. He is still really congested and not feeling well. This cold has been lingering for over 10 days now. Amelia's ear is leaking gross fluids as the ear drops work their magic. She says her ears just tickle and buzz, that is better than pain!

I just finished reading the Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Colins. The series is strangely captivating considering the story line. I will leave you in suspense hoping you will read the series too. I have the last book on hold, can't wait to finish it.

Tuesday morning Ella came over for the day. Alison was visiting her family in Washington for a couple days since her youngest brother returned from his mission a couple weeks ago. Ella and Amelia helped me bake a carrot cake for a lady in our ward who just had a baby boy. The girls played all day and into the late evening. Matt came to pick up Ella half hour early only to find both girls dripping wet in the tub. I think they bathed for over an hour. The squeals of delight and laughter were so fun to listen to. The wind is keeping everyone in doors. We went to Walmart this afternoon. I had to hold Amelia because the wind knocked her down. Geesh!

We held FHE a couple hours ago. One of Amelia's favorite books is, Too Many Pumpkins. We read it year round. Finally, after 18 months of reading this book she got to carve a pumpkin. She grabbed her book and showed me which pumpkin to carve, except she wanted a star eye. She was scared of touching the slimey pumpkin guts. However, naming her pumpkin was no problem. Meet her pumpkin: wriggle-snack. LOL, I honestly have no idea where she comes up with these names. Phillip sat on the table and help bang things and gag on pumpkin seeds. He is sporting a fun little boo-boo gained while trying to scale my fake studio floor and falling onto a wooden basket. That kid always smells like food, has boogers in his eyebrows, and sports some bruise of a kind. Amelia was all ready to put on her costume and go trick or treating. She is very, very excited for Halloween.