14 October 2013

Fanny's Fruit Farm


Monday was a glorious autumn day. The boys and I spent a good two hours at the park exploring the pond and playing with friends. Evelyn was quite content to sit on my lap watching her surroundings. She looked very cute dressed up in a red, white, and bubs configuration! When Amelia was a baby the fun shoe socks were not available. The socks are so cute! I was taking some iPhone photos of Evelyn when Phillip stuck his big nose into the photos, talk about the best photo bomb ever. The boys and I went on a treasure hunt after lunch. I put tape around their wrists (sticky side out) and their waists. Soon Everett was pretending he was Geo from Team UmiZoomi with a shape belt. We had a blast finding strange things and attaching them to our shape belts. Amazing how something so simple can be so enthralling. The leaves on our tree are starting to turn. I love how yellow and pretty the leaves turn.

I made several cute shirts this week: a Bot shirt for Everett, two princess shirts for Mia, and a skirt/shirt combo for Evelyn at Christmas. The skirt matches the set I made Amelia last year. Wednesday I had my 6 week appointment and Evelyn's 2 month check up. We are healthy and doing well! Evelyn weighed in at 10 lbs 7 oz, 22 inches long. Her height and weight were in the 75th percentile. Her head is in the 25th percentile. She is growing so fast! I love all her little chubs, note her two elbow dimples shown in the last collage. Her cheeks are so chubby I can see both cheeks in profile view. Swoon! She is starting to coo and loves to smile when we catch her attention. The best time to chat with her is after her exercise time around 10:30 pm. My appointment was set for 9:20 am, or so I thought. I arrived to find out Wednesday the 8th was actually Tuesday the 8th. Darn it. Justin was able to come home and stay longer for lunch while I went back. I came home to find Phillip's Cookie Monster doll on the floor with a mouth full of cookies. Later he found the doll again and was helping Cookie eat a couple more cookies. I love that kid! I am back to teaching my Webelos this week. We worked on finishing the Outdoorsman badge. The boys packed a camping backpack and brought tents to practice setting up. Justin went to Scottsbluff after work so I had all 4 kids with me as well. It was a little cra-zay! We were short on time between getting Amelia from ballet, feeding Evelyn, and getting dinner. I made dinner thanks to Arby's, we had a picnic at the park right before Scouts. The boys were super excited about setting up tents. The kids loved being part of the excitement. Every night the kids line up to get rolled into a blanket taquito. I snapped a photo for Justin while he was driving home. Love our pack of taquito kids.

Phillip is having potty troubles lately. He had four accidents at preschool over the past four school days. Friday Mrs Cassie said he looked at her and just peed his pants. Not sure if he is seeking attention or hating preschool. He says he loves preschool (once he gets there). At home he is still making poop in his undies. Friday-Sunday we went back to more remedial potty tactics again. He has a chance to earn a fun toy after a week of staying dry at school. My hope is that he will be potty trained before Kindergarten in two years. I feel the best intervention is for me to not overreact and not make a big deal over his actions. That will just make him interested in my silly behavior and start having more accidents just to watch my reactions.

Sidney's newest set of Missionaries came over for dinner Friday evening. Justin requested Thai curry. I made two kinds of curry a red, spicy curry and a yellow curry. Yum! Saturday I photographed Connie Graham's wedding at the church. She has three kids the same ages of Amelia, Phillip, and Everett. I told Amelia she could go with me, she rushed into her room to find a white shirt, tights, and a matching skirt. I guess she had to wear white! At the wedding she snuggled up to me and whispered: "Mom, this is so romantic, when will they kiss?" She swooned when Connie and RC kissed. So silly!

Hazel's pumpkin patch closed down after last year's season. I was very happy when Sidney's newest attraction opened this spring. Fanny's Fruit Farm. Fanny's mostly has fields of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. They planted pumpkins and corn as a side thought. So glad they did. You can take a trip to visit and ride a barrel train, take a hay ride, pet goats, chase chickens, pick berries, jump on hay rolls, watch a plane show, run around a  corn maze, and a haunted maze. The best part is the farm is only 15 minutes away! Evelyn wore her cute Halloween onesie, I added ruffles and a bow for the ghost, throw in a matching headband for one cute baby. It was quite cold and windy outside. Honestly, I am surprised she cooperated long enough for me to take pumpkin patch photos. The kids did not quite cooperate, but I LOVE the outtakes. The kids had a great time running around in the cold, fresh air. Justin helped the kids pick out pumpkins. Phillip is very proud that his pumpkin is the largest one. The plane show featured a prop-type plane doing some tricky maneuvers like loop-de-loops, falling upside down, and other fun tricks. Everett was totally captivated! The boys loved sitting on some tractors pretending to drive around. Justin decorated his head with Amelia's tutu for the occasion. He looked very handsome!

I ordered my 5th blog book on Friday. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment once I finish a book since it takes me so long to organize one. Plus figure in the time it takes to blog makes these books quite the investment.