14 October 2012



Thursday Deb texted me at 8:30 asking if I could watch the twins while she took care of personal stuff. She is going through a tough time right now. I watched Romain and Cydahlee from 9 to 5:30. Phillip and Cyd are the best of friends. Poor Ro got the shaft most of the day. He snuggled with me most of the time. I am secretly very glad that we don't have triplets. Four kids aged 3 and 1 is a lot of work. Kelly came over at 10 so I could help her sew up a cat costume for her daughter. I was a bit worried about sewing fur from scratch to make a jumpsuit. It was surprisingly easy but a huge mess. Kelly learned quite a bit about pattern prep, cutting out pattern pieces, reading the directions, and sewing a thick fabric. By 12:30 we had a fun costume for her daughter. Justin took pity on me and went to volunteer at Amelia's class since I had the twins as well. I love that he will volunteer!

Phillip's new trick is to make himself barf by sticking his fingers down his throat. He is constantly gagging and near barfing. He barfed in his carseat the other day. His molars are coming in. Today for lunch Amelia asked if she could have "the fruit that looks like a rock with fuzz all over, but when you cut it, it looks like a kiwi." She is now writing letters to folks by sounding out the words. I am surprised at how close she comes to spelling words correctly. Amelia can read about 8 books now! They are learning about sight words for the time being.

Monday we tried to go bowling for FHE but it was closed for leagues. We went to the next best place: Cabela's. Justin got me two new jackets and a fleece pullover. He belongs to another website 3point5, a service that allows vendors to get product at huge discounts. We ordered snow gear for the kids and more fleece shirts for me. It is an awesome service we can get through Cabela's. Friday I crocheted a hat for a friend while snuggling with Phillip. That was nice! We went bowling on Saturday between naps. Everett was keen on holding up the bowling ramp. Phillip wanted to crawl into the ball shute and tried about 12 times to run down the ramp. I scored an amazing 46 points. Everett won the game with his amazing bowling skills with the ramp. I picked up our Bountiful Basket afterwards. We got some interesting mini pears this time around. I dehydrated bananas, pineapple, and plums this week. The pineapple tastes amazing. Justin and I went on a date last night. We saw Taken 2 and had some pizza for dinner. It was lovely to have a break.  

Hazel's Pumpkin Patch

The biggest news of the week is that Everett finally decided to walk more than scoot/crawl. Thursday he just up and started walking around the living room with a huge grin on his face and extra claps for himself. He lurches around with the funniest gait. Ironically, he walks sideways faster than he can walking forwards.
The weather is going nuts lately. Welcome to fall in Nebraska. One day it is snowing, the next it is 70, the next it is blowing 35 mph outside. I cleared out most of my garden. The snow and freezing temps killed everything except the chard and carrots. The boys and I had a great time playing around in the dirt!
Wednesday I had a photo shoot with a local family. The mom is so organized! She kept me updated on their outfits (and changes), what she wanted (Pinterest), and involved me in most of the preparation. I love clients like that! It makes for amazing sessions. She really wanted a "couch outside" set up. I found an antique sofa at the French Door for $300...he he...the owner rented it to us for an hour for $10. I LOVE the results of the photos. 
Right after the photo shoot we packed up the kids and went out to Hazel's Pumpkin Patch, the closest thing we have to Gardner Village. Cabela's had their annual new employee bash. Supervisors who have new hires are also invited, thus we got to go. Amelia was over the top excited. We grabbed a wagon and trotted through the corn maze. At the center we found a witch offering gold coins to unsuspecting children. The theme this year is Hansel and Gretel! The kiddos redeemed their coins for a treat at Hazel's cottage. The maze directed us to the pumpkin patches. Each kid chose one cool pumpkin. Everett tried to eat a pumpkin. We rode the hay wagon around the farm. Goodness, the sunset decided to dazzle us! Cabela's had a fun spread of chili, hot dogs, chips, and gourmet sodas. It was the best evening of our month! I love traditions.