06 October 2010

Butterfly Kisses

Amelia really, really enjoyed preschool this week at Bryn's home. Jeremee taught the kids about the letter D and the color yellow. Amelia brought home a leaf rubbing on Monday and today she came home with playdough (salty kind), yellow snacks, and her name baked from cookie dough. We stole Ella this afternoon to play with Mia for a couple hours. Alison is elbow deep in paint. I tried to help her prime the bathroom and halls on Tuesday but Phillip was too heavy to carry and too curious about the wet paint. Sometimes I feel helpless when it comes to helping! Small children do not make service very convenient!

Phillip is a climber. He loves to climb into the dishwasher, climb up cabinets, climb into the fridge, etc. His favorite place to climb is in the bathroom. If the bathroom door is closed he throws a mini tantrum, which is quite amusing at this time. I often walk by the bathroom and notice a small nose poking up over the counter searching for toothbrushes and whatever is within reach. What a silly fellow.

I started some projects last week and finished them this week. My friend Natalie made me a super cute hat (the one on the bottom right) for a photo prop. I made another one a size larger and one for Amelia. The bonnet pictured is the one I made following an antique crochet pattern with revisions. I made Phillip some cute pants from a pair I found at Salvation Army then added another tie shirt for that outfit. He also has a handsome submarine shirt. Amelia's outfit was also inspired by Natalie. She found DIY pillowcase kits in our Walmart clearance aisle. One of the kits had super cute fabric, which became a skirt and appliqued shirt. I love the owl!

Yesterday and today I finished painting a couple items. I repainted my new false studio floor for the fourth time finally achieving the right hue and gloss. I had to repaint the little table I just refurbished two months ago because Amelia's waterpaints soaked through all the new layers of paint. Tomorrow I am adding a couple layers of polyurethane to seal the paint this time. I may even add a decoupage border before sealing it.

All summer Amelia and I tried and tried to catch a butterfly. Amelia's greatest wish was to hold a butterfly on her finger. I found a butterfly close to demise while on a photoshoot this evening. It was so lethargic that Amelia was able to hold it and give it a kiss. She was enraptured...me too! The poor thing clung to a metal chicken on our counter during dinner. We eventually retired the poor butterfly to our butterfly bush before going to bed. It seemed to revive licking flower nectar. We enjoyed watching our small miracle butterfly realize a little girl's dream.