10 July 2009

Busy Day

We had a pretty busy day yesterday! A local lady ordered 4 custom onesies, I made them all yesterday after my Dr appt. The baby is growing big...he will probably outweigh Amelia by 2+ pounds. The Dr said he may induce me early if the baby still measures large (yipee?!). He was impressed I only gained 14 pounds in 7 months...me too. Guess my gym visits do pay off. Back to the subject...this time I decided to make ruffly bums for the girl onesies. They turned out cute! My zig zag stitch decided to konk out while working on the first onesie. Mia helped me craft by commandeering my scissors...she nearly cut a shank of her hair off. Instead she amused herself with leftover fabric and kid scissors. Her new favorite toy are 4 cans of tomato paste. She loves to stack them and stare longingly at the red color. Strange kid. Last night we went over to play with Ella for a while. Ella is in the throes of potty training. Mia really coveted her pink potty, wanted one RIGHT now, and tried to pee through her diaper. I am honestly a little hesitant to start now because she will probably be trained then regress once the baby arrives and moving ensues. What do you think???

Mia is continuing her sleep difficulties. Last night she refused to settle to sleep until after 11 pm. Poor thing has red raccoon eyes from lack of sleep. I tried to have a serious conversation with her about potential aches and pains. She thought my questioning was a game of name the body part. She finally got another dose of Benedryl for the 3rd night in a row. Maybe she just has a sleep disorder. I wish we could get some!!!

A lady in my ward gave me this awesome bassinet the other day. I spent Wednesday afternoon hand cleaning the entire thing because all the linens are sewn to the frame (not a great idea). I could not douse the thing because the bottom is lined with particle board. Luckily, my carpet cleaner was in a reachable location at the storage unit so I ran and got it then cleaned most of it with that. The power went out halfway unbeknownst to me. I was cussing at the poor carpet cleaner blaming the moving company for breaking it. Oops...my bad. It worked fine once the power kicked back on. The hood and basket have tiny mildew stains that will not come out. It is not noticeable unless you look really close. Hopefully, my cleaning spree killed all the germs.

I've been craving cherry limeades lately. They are so yummy in this hot weather. I created a recipe that tastes exactly like Sonic's limeade:

1 can of frozen limeade concentrate
1/2 liter of Sprite (zero, if you are watching calories)
1 jar of maraschino cherry, use half the juice from a 10 oz jar, plus about 15 cherries
1 lime halved, and juiced into pitcher and halves placed in pitcher
24 ice cubes