07 June 2011


Caught a sleepy time smile from Everett yesterday. Melt me!

Pure Joy


What will bring a pure smile to a little boy's face? Playing with his amazing Punkle! Hope you leave with a smile on your face too!

Get Your Suits, KIDS!

We took the kids swimming yesterday! Even the big kids had a blast! Amelia was so very excited to go swim at the big pool. Phillip was excited but wanted to play with the big boys at the large pool. Baby pool? Nah! Jeremy and Jared played with the little dingle heimers in the big pool for a while. The weather is turning hotter now, yesterday was in the 90s. I am almost panicking over when Mom and the boys leave on Thursday. Jeremy and Jared are amazing with Amelia and Phillip. I keep trying to bribe one of them into staying with us over the summer. Any takers for $300?? LOL?!

Everett is finally looking much cuter, like a human being instead of a squashy newborn. His head is rounder now and not the Nefertiti bust. He smiles a lot while sleeping which gives me hope for another happy boy. I will post one of my favorite photos of him later on. We are loving all the little noises he makes.

We spent the evening in the side yard enjoying the cooler weather and cleaning up the yard. Mom and the boys helped me with a project today moving the play area to the side of the shed. It will make more patio room. The irises are blooming around town. Enjoy some of these beauties.