31 August 2012

Trekkin' Home

*Packed up the dirty van with dirty stuff to take back home.
*Dad conducted an inspirational devotional. He talked about "making the main thing the main thing." Funny story: I could not remember what my dad talked about because I fell asleep since I was sitting still on a comfy couch. I called Miekka, she did not remember. Seth is the dude who remembered what Grandpa Lane talked about. Way to go dude.
*snapped an impromptu family photo. We REALLY, REALLY missed Jeffrey, Courtenay, and Emmeline. Maybe next time...in four years!
*drove back to Yellowstone to visit Mammoth Springs with James and Miekka.
*saw the Lower Terraces
*visited the Ranger center so the kids could earn their Jr Ranger badges. The kids worked hard completing their "homework" to earn the badges. The ranger was ever so nice!
*drove up to the Upper Terraces, hugged and kissed goodbye. Amelia was bawling for 10 minutes after we drove our separate ways. She loves her cousins.
*we kept driving north to see the Roosevelt gate. It was worth the short drive.
*drove the North-East road out of the park. Took us 2.5 hours to exit the park. No wonder with a 25 mph speed limit. Saw some gorgeous landscapes. Stopped at the wraith falls to stretch our legs. Observed a mother bear and two cubs frolicking on the side of a canyon. It was amazing to see the bears!
*Amelia barfed after 20 minutes of twisty canyon roads. We made the mistake of feeding the kids some snacks before the canyon. I had no idea the roads were so twisty. Amelia let us know 30 seconds before she spewed all over the back seat. Spent 20 minutes cleaning up barf. Yuck. We exited the park 10 minutes later.
*ate some dinner in Cody at a fun Mexican place. Justin declared his fish tacos had the best fish he's ever tasted.
*arrived back in Thermopolis for the night. Justin's C-pap machine decided to stop working at 11:00 pm. He was so worried about his machine not working that he slept badly. He has a replacement now. Gotta buy a new machine!
*Justin let me go to a local wool shop in Thermopolis. Got some fun artisan yarn!
*Drove and drove and drove and drove

Phillip's Birthday

*John made his famous bird seed poop waffles. They are delish in spite of the diaper surprises later.
*went to see Johnny Sack's Cabin. He was a settler in the area back in 1929. He hand made the cabin and furniture out of local wood. His work is breathtaking. The area is so picturesque. Phillip discovered he could scoot down hills on his bum in a large cloud of dust. His poor bison got a fur full of dust as well. He reminded me (once again) of Pig Pen.
*swallowed down some lunch
*floated down the North Fork of the Snake river on two rafts and two inner tubes. Mom, Everett jr, and Grandma stayed behind. The bus ride was ever so exciting. Divided into groups and floated down the river in 3 hours. James manned the steering station on our raft. Seth was our constant rower. The water the super duper pooper cold. Don't know what possessed me to jump from a rope swing into the river. Stole my breath away. Fed the wild John Doritos chips as he floated by on his floatie. Jared was our raft figurehead. Saw a pelican. The rare great white whale made an appearance or two. LOL.
*James and Miekka made Chinese haystacks for dinner.
*celebrated Phillip's Super Three birthday with cake and some gifts. He loved all the fun toys.
*kids worked on crafts
*Grandma Baerwaldt told stories from when she was a girl.