20 February 2009

Lemons?? YUMMY!!

I love to eat lemons with salt. Blame my mother, she taught me to eat lemons. Well, now I am passing on the flavor...er, favor. Amelia noticed me sucking on a lemon and wanted a taste of my "orange." She ate a pickle for breakfast the other day so must appreciate sour tastes. She licked it and gave me the expected shudder and scrunchy face. I expected her to give me back my lemon but instead she ran into the livingroom and roosted on the couch. I caught her sitting there, legs crossed, licking her lemon with gusto. Warmed my pickled heart!! She even shared a lick with me!

The weather was really windy and cold the past two days. Yesterday Amelia and I went to the gym and played in the Raquetball court with some balls for 45 minutes. Today we did laundry. Two older ladies run the laundromat, Amelia thinks they are her Grandmas! She runs around earning chocolates and kisses from them. I am glad they seemed tickled pink. Recently, Amelia started asking us "How are you, Mommy (or Daddy)?" It is very cute. I took a small video at lunch the other day. Click here for a peak of cuteness!!!