19 August 2010

Never Ending Fun

Ahhhh! Utah! We love visiting family. James and Miekka are hosting us this visit. We have the run of the basement, which makes sleeping arrangements more comfortable. Phillip is sleeping MUCH better this time. I brought his quilt and bed pillows which seem to help him connect the sleep in a different bed idea. Our trip out was fine. We left at 4 am and arrived in Park City around 1 pm. The Haley family passed us before Evanston on their way home to Nebraska after a long vacation in Washington State. We passed out air hugs and peace signs. Justin and I did a little shopping at the outlets before going to the Lances. Amelia is have a great time playing with her boy cousins. She is learning about bodily function humor from Seth and Jacob. She told Seth he had pinky, stinky, underwear, totally stumping him. Mom had a little dinner for the family that evening. We met little Everett Michael Lance for the first time. He is a cuddly, handsome little man. Phillip and Mia played and played! Phillip showed off his little tricks like peek-a-boo, soooo big!, and saying cute words. He was completely gooberified by the time we left. I have the hardest time keeping that little guy clean.

Tuesday we met my good friends, Shannon and Catherine plus kids, at Thanksgiving Point for the morning. It was two dollar Tuesday, completely cra-zay busy. We waited in line to get in, waited in crowds to see the animals, and waited in line for a pony ride. Justin held our place in line for about 45 minutes so the kiddos could go see the animals. Shannon and I were mission companions in Portugal. She is an amazing lady. Catherine was my old neighbor in Balmoral. We all have daughters around Amelia's age. It was really hot! At one point Amelia found some wheat grain on the ground, she picked up some kernels and fed the goats. One licked her hand, which freaked her out. Shannon had to leave for a meeting so we had lunch with Catherine and girls at the cafe. The kids slept in the car while Justin spent some man time in Cabela's. They were still asleep so we also picked up my sewing machine and went to the camera store. James and Miekka went to the temple, we watched the kids. Joe and Jeff came over. We went to Murray park for an hour. Lia loved the spin toys at the park, she giggled so hard. Jeff bought the kids otter pops to stave off the heat and thirst. The kids threw wood chips all over ending up with thick wood dust in their hair. Even after baths the wood chip dust was still on Lia's scalp. She let me comb her hair trying to get the rest out.
Wednesday morning Justin and I went to the temple with my Mom. What a nice retreat. We enjoyed a nice lunch with her at Zupa's. I love chatting with my mom. She is an amazing lady. We drove out to Kohl's with Miekka and kids. She had a coupon to share with us. Justin got some new work pants and shirts, the kid's winter wardrobe is also complete now. Justin and I went back to the Lance's for a long nap. Around 5:30 we drove out to Saltair for photo sessions with Jana and the Taylor family. The lighting was amazing! Overcast with a clear horizon. Jana wanted updated Facebook photos wearing more casual clothing. The Taylors were up for walking out to the beach and water for family photos. Oh man, so perfect. Amelia has bugged me for months to visit the beach after reading a book about the ocean. She was in heaven playing in the sand and water. Too bad the stinky water and sand flies were so bad. She tripped and got her bum wet, ending our happy excursion. So, so fun! Photos soon. We did not get home until after 9 pm. It was a late evening.

This morning I spent a couple hours with Courtenay and Everett taking newborn photos. He is a very relaxed baby. Justin nicknamed him Ezee-E. LOL. SLC had a huge thunderstorm roll through during our session. The lighting was so poor I had to photograph him outside on the porch. The light was glowy perfection. His blessing outfit almost did not fit over his huge head. Courtenay had to cut the back a little to fit it over his head. In between feedings, set changes, etc we played with Grandma Debbie and Jared. I enjoyed spending time with Courtenay and Everett without so many interruptions. We met my amazing friend Sarah for lunch at Cafe Rio. Holy Smokes our kids were sooooooo crabby. Try talking over kids at Cafe Rio. Shouting match comes to mind. We are a little tired but having fun.

Funny Story: Monday night I put Amelia to bed in her Thomas Bed. Around midnight I could hear her muttering about crayons, markers, and white paper in some mysterious toddler dream. I could not feel her near or around her bed. I patted all around the basement floor finally finding her by the bookcases, shivering cold. I put her in bed with me. Soon she snuggled up and murmured, "Mom you are sooooo waaar-um." So snuggly! I have no idea how she rolled all the way to the bookcases.