25 March 2010

Seven Months Old

My little baby is seven months old today! He is such a delightful, happy baby. I had him weighed on Tuesday, he is 15 lbs 13 oz now, that means he gained a pound in one month! I can tell he is gaining weight because his legs are getting chunky and his cheeks are super kissable. Phillip is still swaddled for sleep. I was safety pinning him into his swaddle because he was Houdini baby. This week I stopped pinning him. Now when I get him his little fists are waving and he is usually blowing raspberries. Phillip is starting to wiggle around a little. He arches his back and slides on his head to move around. Finally this week he is discovering the joys of rolling around a little more. He is a Momma's boy! Whenever he sees me now his eyebrows waggle and he does this funny eyelid batting routine. Like Amelia he is very vocal, loving to hear himself squeal, babble, and spit. He says "Oh Boy" when prompted...at least I think he says it back to me. His favorite games are now Peek-A-Boo with a blankie, tickles, and when Amelia "helps" him play.

Phillip LOVES the transition to baby food. He is on a four hour nursing schedule and eating solids twice a day in the morning and evening. This evening he ate two entire containers of baby food, 3/4 of a banana, and 3 oz of juice. I better get ready for a growth spurt! During dinner preparations I usually give him a mesh food bag filled with banana, apple, pear, orange, any soft fruit. After the third time he started to kick and squeal like a Nazgul (sp?). His mouth works as soon as he notices me getting his snack ready. When we feed him his little feet rub together until he is done eating. Phillip does not have any teeth...not even swollen gums yet. Maybe his teeth will come in late like Amelia's.

He can sit unassisted for short periods of time. I don't like to sit him up on his own at this time, when he can roll into a sit then we will let him do that. Supported sitting is much preferred.

Justin just loves Phillip's soft, fuzzy ears. My favorite things include when he grabs my face and gives me juicy kisses and when he blows raspberries while nursing. Amelia's favorite thing about Phillip is when he smiles at her and she loves when Phillip sings with her in the stroller.