09 March 2010

Utah Trip Installment 4

Reagan in her cutie patootie outfit and Mace Face enjoying time with Phillip
My kids are chewing on everything! I love the light saber teething toy
Giving Grandma Baerwaldt hugs

Last installment! We had a fun time with Charity, Kenny, Libby, Mason, and Reagan on Friday. Raquel, Emma, and Elijah drove down from Smithfield to visit. Charity had a couple morning errands to run so we went out to Michaels, grocery store, and Gregory's Wheat Shop. I finally found wheat bran to add to my homemade bread. We ate a somewhat disappointing lunch at Del Taco. I LOVE their bean burritos.

My Grandma Baerwaldt ended up having a blockage near her heart that required a stint. She had to stay overnight. My mom stopped by Charity's home so Grandma could meet Phillip for a moment. Poor grandma was pretty tired and not feeling well. She is lucky, the procedure saved her from a heart attack.

Amelia loved playing in Charity's basement, a wonderland for pre-schoolers. She teaches preschool a couple times per week. Amelia loved playing with her Strawberry Shortcake set, the egg game, and Reagan's fun playhouse. All the cousins were so adorable running around having a great time. The weather cleared up enough for a walk around the neighborhood. After dinner Reagan, Emma, and Amelia crawled into Charity's bed with carrots to watch a movie. Little Elijah toddled all over the place with a huge grin on his face.

Saturday morning I told Amelia we were going back to Nebraska. She screamed, "I can sleep in my Princess bed?! Let's go!" She packed up her pillow and headed to the car. Guess she misses her comfy bed! The drive home was just a long as the drive out. Justin found out I-80 was closed due to wind and ice that morning. The highway reopened shortly after noon so did not hinder our drive. Once at home Amelia took a short bath, got her pjs on without complaining, then crawled into bed. Her arms were in the air while she asked me to pile all her animals in them. She was asleep by 8:20! Wow! She was tired. I put a fan in my room and closed Phillip's door. I am not sure how he slept, but I had a full night's rest for the first time since December.