03 March 2011


Just some fun photos of the kids playing with kites outsides. Phillip tried on the lion hat I made for Everett Lance's photoshoot (it was a bit big, so made a much smaller size). Phillip loved wearing the hat prowling around the yard like a lion.

We are getting our new MINI-VAN this evening! Yikes and Hooray!

Fair Weather...at Last

Spring is slowly moving over our days as the daylight hours lengthen. We are ready for March with it's roller coaster weather knowing that spring is on the way. Monday the kids had a blast stomping in the melting snow from the weekend. Amelia finally made a snowman with the melting snow. Granted it was only about four inches tall, she was very proud of her little creation. We enjoyed a nice walk around the block after piano lessons. Phillip once again raided my poor potted palm while I made dinner. He sat in time out three times during the dinner hour. Poor kid is really ornery of late. I hope this is not a new personality trait and just due to teething.

Ella and Mia flew kites on Tuesday out in our yard. We ate a picnic lunch with Justin during lunch time. I sat in the warm sun and crocheted a couple hats for a lady in town. My poor hand is screaming in protest after making the flat cap. It was worth every second after I put it on Phillip's head. He looks very dandy in that hat. Tuesday evening I sewed Phillip two pairs of pants. Both pairs were too small for my chubby little man. So, I made two more pairs and a matching skirt for Amelia before going to bed. I hope the new baby can wear the smaller pants.

Me? I have a nasty case of the crabbies. Dude! I am so crabby lately. Gotta pull out of my funky mood. Having a cranky Phillip around did not help out much. Yesterday was my 26 week appt in Scottsbluff. I nearly cancelled because Phillip was so uber cranky. He threw his first royal tantrum. The kid wanted to suck the toothpaste (training kind) out of the tube. I put the tube away and he went berserk. I finally had to shut him in his bedroom for a time out. That did not help much either. He finally calmed down during the drive watching Curious George. Alison was kind enough to watch Mia for the day. I drove up a little early to pick up a couple items at Target. Once at the hospital I waited in the waiting room for 110 minutes with a cranky toddler needing a nap and something to do. I finally went out to change his diaper and the nurse came. Course! She called the person after me so I had to wait some more. After we met with the Dr I made my next appt. The secretary lady advised me to not schedule my next appt with a Dr on call. Great tip...wish I'd known that back in November. I scheduled and then asked if that Dr was on call. The secretary said "YES." OK! Was that like a pop quiz? I scheduled with a DR not on call.

The baby is doing well. He is becoming very active. Everett loves it when Amelia sings songs to my belly. He thumps her cheek while she sings.