24 March 2010


Phillip caged
Phillip a little overstimulated, thanks Amelia for trying to entertain him!
The strange Cablea's home newest display for St Patty's Day
Cute little man

I realized that a whole lot of pictures were skipped over. This post is a conglomeration of those older pictures and our week so far. My last roommate, Sarah, came to visit me on Friday. Her dad got a new job in Colorado, about 2 hours south of Sidney. She, her two kiddos, and her twin sisters came out to visit their Dad for his birthday. I am sooooo glad they took a couple hours to come visit! Sarah is about the most amazing person ever. She is always positive and maintains a cheerful personality. I always feel lighter after a chat or visit with Sarah. Her two kids are pretty cute. Last time we visited Mia and Bridger decided not to be friendly. We had some lunch at the Cabela's cafe. The kids were holding hands throughout the store. They were super cute. When Amelia wanted to stay Bridger reeled her in, when he wanted to stay and shoot guns she refocused his attention. Sarah let me "play" with little Kenna in my studio. Amelia and the twins helped her eat about 5 rolls of smarties. Hey, whatever gets the perfect picture!

Saturday I had another photo shoot with a family from Sidney. Two cute boys and a chubby little baby girl! Afterwards Justin and I made an impromptu decision to drive to Sterling just to get out of dodge. We had some dinner at River City Grill (pretty yummy food) then went to Dollar Tree.

Having a Sunday picnic with daddy and a bologna face

Ella came over to play for the morning on Monday. Alison went horseback riding with the Titus'. The weather was bright, temperate...and WINDY. I got out Amelia's cheap skate Dora kite for the girls to play with. They had a great time dragging the kite across the yard. I think we spent the entire day outside! We even walked to Alison's house just because. Justin was in Lincoln Monday and Tuesday. Amelia dictated the cutest email ever to him. Justin came home from Lincoln with a nasty head cold. I hope he stays home tomorrow.

Amelia's sunglasses
Amelia preening with her new Snow White earrings and ring

Today I made a complete mess in the kitchen making bread using my Mom's recipe, chicken noodle soup from scratch, and preparing 3 lbs of apples for dehydrating. I even made Phillip a huge batch of apple sauce to add to his freezer selection of baby food. Amelia's Belle dress is about 80% done. I just can't seem to find the time to finish it with editing the last photo session, making a blog book (from last year AND this year), and everything else on my plate. This afternoon the wind died down enough to walk to the library and enjoy an hour playing there. Hum, that is about it.