08 December 2009

Stake Conference

Saturday morning we rushed about trying to get out of the house before 9 am...yeah, that did not work! I think we actually pulled out around 9:30. Pretty good time considering I had to pack up stuff for two kids and myself. This weekend we had stake conference in Cheyenne. Justin needed to attend the priesthood session and we went to the adult session both on Saturday. Justin used the last of his hotel points to reserve a hotel instead of driving back and forth in two days. We went up early to squeeze in some shopping. Like usual I crocheted a hat or two on the drive there and back. We stopped in Pine Bluffs so I could nurse Phillip. Amelia had a blast playing in the snow at the rest stop. She looked so stinkin' cute in the Christmas Tree outfit I whipped up for her. Most of the time I was giggling to myself watching her skirt ruffle in the breeze. I used extra trim to make the hem stiff so the skirt would stick out!

Justin followed me around Big Lots then Hobby Lobby. He was a pretty good sport corralling the kids and letting me shop. I was so excited to get some new Christmas decorations. Our main investment this year included stocking hangers for our new mantle. We lunched at Chipotle's...so delicious. I asked Justin if I could run into TJ Maxx for a second...totally in-and-out. He stayed in the car while I shopped there for a loooooong second. I was totally feeling so giddy about all the cute stuff in stock at TJ Maxx. It was a little over-whelming. After 15 minutes Justin texted me asking me to hurry. I tried but kept getting distracted. I was in discount heaven.

While Justin went to the priesthood Amelia and I went swimming, Phillip took a snooze in his carseat. Amelia was totally cracking me up. In the past month she started to get her hair wet voluntarily and "swim" in the tub. Over the summer she was not very keen on swimming at the pool. This time was a complete 180 degree change. I put her floatie on and she was off! We were in the pool over an hour. Amelia kept choking on the water and barfing (into my hand). Afterward, she'd exclaim, "I okay mommy, gotta keep swimming, mom, I gotta keep swimming!" Justin thought this was very funny because the statement is reflective of her "Lance" traits; ie, going and going until you can't go anymore. She started to get blue lips so we went over to the hot tub. She sunk into the water with slow relish, murmuring, "oh, this is soooo wAaarm, like my wAaaarm sockies!" We finally turned in because Phillip was hungry and Mia was swallowing more water than swimming. She developed a nasty cough afterward probably from reside water in her lungs. Poor thing was so tuckered out and needed a nap badly, the hotel was too exciting for her to calm down. Justin left me at the hotel to attend the priesthood session. He also took all the juice, fruit snacks, and princess movies. Miraculously, I had enough change in my purse for a bag of Cheetos. That pulled her through until dinner.

We made it to the adult session right before the snow started to fall! Mia was so tired we actually left in the middle of the meeting. She had a complete meltdown. I was so sad we missed hearing Elder Cecil O Samuelson speak. He presided over the meetings. We all spent a restless night, me with a thrashing, coughing Mia and Justin with a snorting Phillip. I actually went down to the lobby at 3 am to see if they carried any Tylenol...no luck.

The general meeting was awesome! We parked in the RS room with the comfy chairs to listen. The choir was amazing. The theme was centered on simplification and temple attendance. Once again I missed Elder Samuelson's talk because I was nursing Phillip and all the ladies in the Mother's Lounge were chatting too loud. He seems to be a very humorous person. Phillip looked like a little English Sheep Herder wearing a sweater and oxford hat. Our drive home was a little sketchy due to continuing snow fall.

We've enjoyed some hearty winter meals lately: potato onion soup, split pea soup, fettuccine alfredo, and yummy rolls. Mmmm, not so great for the "diet" but super delish. I started doing an exercise regime last week entitled P90X. It is based on muscle confusion and mixing cardio and weight training. My muscles are constantly sore, reminding me how long it was since last exercising (two weeks before Phillip was born). I like the program because it can be done at home with minimal equipment. Hopefully those last few pounds will come off and my current muscles toned! Due to my Lance genes sticking to the program is no problem.

Today we enjoyed a quiet day at home. School was cancelled due to snow. I think about 4-5 inches fell, adding to the 3-4 from the previous day. Mia and I shoveled the driveway and walks after lunch. Tonight a frigid -13 degrees, feeling like -30 is forecasted. Needless to say all are advised to stay inside. Frostbite can set within 20-30 minutes in such cold temperatures. Justin and I are headed to Denver tomorrow morning with Phillip for his bronchoscopy. I am a bit nervous about the drive!

Lest You Think I Am Lazy...