01 June 2011

First Bath

We gave Everett his first bath on Monday. The kids had a blast! Amelia and Phillip spilled water all over the floor and then pretended to ice skate in the water. Amelia gently helped me wash his hair and kept him warm pouring water on his tummy. Phillip mostly chattered like a monkey trying to help out whenever a gap opened up. He poured half the bottle of shampoo into the water and tub for starters. After that he mostly behaved. I love the contrast of Phillip's "chonky" hands next to Everett's long skinny ones. The kids love to hold him whenever they can.

We celebrated Memorial day with a short trip to Sterling. We had some lunch at Sonic and I drank to route 44 Cherry Limeades. Those puppies are delish. The kids played at the park for an hour while I tried to wake up Everett to feed. The van was too warm and snuggly for being awake. After the park we stopped at Walmart to see if that store had more infant carseats. Nope! I had to order one online. Justin drove home through an amazing rain/hail storm. The clouds gave us quite the show. Phillip fell asleep in the car and woke up once we arrived back home. He snuggled down with me on the couch and slept for another 20 minutes. He NEVER snuggles me in sleep anymore. That moment stole my heart. Later Amelia snuggled on my lap with Everett on top of her nursing. Two snuggles at one time, I am one lucky lady.

Yesterday was the most amazing sunny day. We could hardly stay inside. The OB nurse made a home visit around 11. Everett left the hospital weighing 7.5 and weighed 7.7 during the visit. He is growing. Justin grilled up some yummy chicken for dinner. We took the kids to play at the park after dinner. Phillip reminded me of a pinball machine, zinging from one place to another. He was glad to get off the premises.

This morning it was warm enough to drag out our wading pool. Both kids were so happy for a change of pace. Alison and several ladies from our ward showed up after lunch with diapers and gifts! I was so, super surprised. Apparently Justin even had to work some magic on my email to erase the surprise party invitation accidentally emailed to me. You guys are making me tear up...must be those hormones!

Enjoy some luscious newborn photos taken at 6 days old.