20 April 2012

Riding Trikes


Bliss! We LOVE being outside. Amelia and Phillip love riding their trikes up and down the sidewalk. Phillip is proving to be a little bit too speedy for me. He can make it to the end of the block in just a couple seconds. From the corner of the block he can see the middle school playground. Several times this week I've chased after him with Everett bouncing on my hip and Amelia screaming at me to go save Phillip. He is FAST. Everett loves it when I give chase. He discovered how to open the garage door. That means I have to lock the sideyard garage entrance door. Then I cannot hear the kids. He has climbed out of the sideyard several times and nearly can take off the carabiner clips from the gate locks. I think this summer will be spent trying to keep him busy from escaping. Dude! I feel exhausted already. Something about watching him pedal as fast as he can down the sidewalk makes me laugh. Amelia is my sidekick on her big wheels tracking him down much faster than I can run.

Justin is the proud new owner of a gray Ford F-150. He finished up the paperwork on Monday! He hauled some sticks to the dump right away without guilt of messing up the van. He reported a serious urge to haul stuff just for the heck of it. I planted beans, spinach, chard, cucumbers, and peppers this week. My peas are about 6-8 inches tall now. Our grass came out of hibernation this week due to some rainy weather. It looks marvelous.

I invested a couple dollars in a Neti Pot from Walmart last Saturday. If you don't know what that is for then you are sadly missing out. It is a watering pot for sinus canals. With my current extremely bad sinus troubles the Neti Pot was a life saver. It is quite strange to have water coming out of my mouth and nose through my sinuses. Still! It is quite effective. Amelia gagged when she watched me try it out. Gross. I am finally feeling a little better. My headaches are not as severe, I can sort of breathe, my throat is not red and raw, the best...my sense of smell is coming back by degree. I HATE being sick. Our pink eye is all gone.