23 December 2008

Punkle Joe and Temple Square

Who Needs Santa, I've Got Grandma

Bubble Bum

So Cute

All Done!!

Uncle Joe is visiting town from Monterey, California. He is an Airman and studying Arabic and DLI. We lived in Monterey back in 1996 and visit as much as possible so he should feel at home there! So far my Dad, John, and Joe were stationed there, as well as Grandpa Lynn back when Dad was a baby. That town has some serious family nostalgia. Joe looks pretty good. He actually has some chest muscles now and a good haircut. LOL. He was so funny with Seth and Jacob. They love to rough house and Joe obliged! The best part was handing little Lia over to see them snuggle close. Lia had a cute dress and super cute panties on! She promptly pooed out of the outfit! James, Miekka, and I prepared a turkey dinner. We both had turkeys to roast. I chipped in some mashed potatoes and gravy as well. It is hard to believe Christmas is around the corner.

Justin, Amelia and I then donned warm outwear for an excurion to Temple Square. We timed it pretty well since the weather was almost balmy for December at 32-35 degrees and there was no wind! Amelia actually insisted in playing in the snow at Temple Square. Maybe she only likes to play in Holy Snow. I had fun taking pictures of the lights until Amelia started into meltdown mode. I really like how the Holy Family was in the middle of the reflection pool this year. I tried to capture some different angles this year than the last two or three. We did not go up to Justin's office due to the late hour. It is hard to believe we will be leaving Utah in about 10 days. Yikes.