03 June 2011

KSID Crusin' Night

We were itchin' to get out and have some fun this evening. Once a year the local radio station hosts a crusin' night. Folks can come out and drive their cool cars down the main drag between 6-9 pm. We pulled out the ole double stroller loaded up the boys, convinced Amelia to ride her bike, and made the 10 block trek. Amelia did amazing at riding her bike! Everett snoozed the entire time. We found a spot near the theater and parked our bums to watch all the cool and not so cool cars. The Elk's club had a booth on the corner complete with a dude dressed up as an elk. Phillip and Mia both went over to shake hands. Phillip was scared to death but still pounded some knuckles. All the honking, blaring music, and engine reeving got to Phillip pretty fast. He clung to my neck peeking occasionally at the bigger vehicles. Justin had the brilliant idea to join the parade. He ran home to pick up our Swagger Wagon. The kids had a complete blast driving slowly down main without their normal restraints. Amelia poked her head through the sunroof while Phillip helped Justin drive and hang out my window. All the fresh, cool air and laughter from Amelia made the evening magical. That small moment almost felt like a long vacation!

Getting Hotter!

Wednesday I pulled out the wading pool for the kids. They are in heaven! I nursed Everett on the swing while Justin was gone at work yesterday and today. It was a lifesaver! Phillip can pull one amazing Plumber's Crack! LOL...

SUR-Prise!!! Mom!

About once a month I download photos from my little camera we mostly use for video. I used to find surprise photos on my old cameras thanks to James, Miekka, Joe, and several other hooligans. Well, Amelia continues the tradition. Except she likes to photograph her surroundings instead of a closeup of her nostrils (James!). My favorite is the photo of the cotton ball from her ear that fell on the floor. She shows potential!