11 September 2008

I Love Amelia

Thanksgiving Outfit
Lookin' Cute in GREEN
This morning Amelia and I were in the kitchen getting "eral" (aka cereal) for breakfast. Yesterday I put four tomatoes in the window sill to ripen the tops a bit more. At the time she took one bite out of a tomato then threw it on the ground, it seemed her intent was to bite each tomato. I sternly told her, "no, no Amelia." This morning she longingly eyed the red tomatoes, inching ever closer to the sill. I heard her quietly saying, "no, no mia; no, no mia" and shaking her head no. I whipped up her short little body and tickled her until she called me a nice mommy.

When she woke up this morning I took her into our room to see daddy. Justin had his sleeping mask on at first so she was not too sure who the Darth Vader character was in daddy's place. He took off the mask and she exclaimed, "oh, DADDY!" as if he miraculously appeared. Later I was making the bed when she toddled in peeking up onto the mattress asking for Daddy. So, so cute.
Lately, she has a fascination with the pantry. She rifles about finding a box of macaroni, package of ramen, fruit snacks, baby food, etc then carries the object around wanting to taste it. She learned what a snack is so always wants one. Either she is really hungry all the time or just enjoys trying out a bite here and there. Her other favorite place to hang out is inside the fridge. Whenever I open the door she is right there and climbs onto the bottom shelf asking for milk.