08 April 2013

Utah Part 3

Mom was visiting Grandma Baerwaldt so the kids and I stopped by for a short visit. Grandma has a cute little dog names Buddy to keep her company. Apparently, he is a busy little two year old who keeps grandma on her feet! I know how that can be! She gave the kids some Easter treats to munch on. We headed back to Mom's home for lunch and rest. It was nice to have some down time. Joe made a yummy dinner of garlic-rosemary chicken cooked sous-vide with a fresh broccoli soup. He has sous vide down to a science! We enjoyed some time out in the yard helping weed and smelling spring flowers. Phillip tried to help grandpa clean his truck with road salt and a sponge. Yikes.
Thursday the kids and I drove to Highland for a short visit with my Mission President and wife. They are in the middle of remodeling their home so are in a temporary apartment. Phillip helped himself to a sippy cup and milk from their cupboard and fridge while we talked. It was nice to catch up with them after so many years. I enjoyed remembering times from my mission 14 years ago. We met Miekka and kids at a nearby park for lunch. It was a bit cool and windy. The kids were tired so we did not last too long. I enjoyed a jaunt to Target and JoAnn's while Grandma watched the kids. Mom hosted a Passover dinner that evening. Everyone who could stopped by for dinner. We enjoyed seeing Jeff! Everett LOVED the radish salad. He ate almost 4 servings.
Friday I had a nice visit with Grandma Baerwaldt sans kids. I loved those days spent with her in Wellsville! Then I had lunch with an old work colleague. Fun times. Jana got pizza for dinner. We watched the rest of Annie with her. Rudy showed up during the movie. Phillip was a little concerned when Annie was hanging off the bridge. When she was saved he exclaimed, "Mom, I soooo happy!" Amelia asked if Jana was "in looooove with Rudy all snuggled up with him on the couch, they are so cute mom."
We drove home Saturday! Literally took us all day to get home. So thankful for the iPatch (iPad) for smoothing over a couple of rough patches on the drive home. Justin got a fun welcome home when we drove up after the Priesthood session. All the kids had on headlamps waiting for him outside. Justin worked hard on painting the cabinets. The cabinet doors need some more work but the project should be completed this week. He also purchased a new gun while I was gone! A .22 Browning Buck Mark pistol is now part of our family. I came down with a head cold after experiencing a couple days of spring in Utah. I hate allergies! We enjoyed a quiet conference day at home. Now we are getting the house back in order and recovering from vacation. Looks like we might get some snow and rain in the next 24 hours. Hooray!

Utah Part 2

I tried to convince myself that getting to church was too much of a hassle with three kids, in a new place, and such. Then I remembered that even most Catholics go to church on Christmas and Easter. I could not let that best me. We made it to Sacrament meeting at the same ward building James and Miekka attend. Goodness, trying to wrestle two active boys is quite exhausting. Everett squirted me with half a bottle of apple juice, Phillip spit half chewed up fruit snacks into my hand, and Everett earned a carpet burn on his chest after trying to bear his testimony for the fifth time. I lasted for 55 minutes! On the drive down the kids and I talked about the importance of Easter and sang some primary songs. We enjoyed a quiet (laughing) Easter with the Lances. Meikka and I hid the Easter baskets while the kids jumped on the trampoline. Phillip managed to leak poop on the playroom carpet at some point. I rarely saw the kids while they amused themselves with Miekka plethora of awesome toys. James quite outdid himself (again) with a smoked ham for dinner. The Henderson's trekked out to Eagle Mountain with the rest of the dinner sides, salad, funeral potatoes, broccoli, rolls, and dessert. After dinner Miekka, Marrissa and I threw eggs out on the back lawn for an easy Easter egg fight. The excitement was over in less than 5 minutes, 5 minutes more found gummy and sugary kids running hysterically around the house. Gotta love the sugar rush.
Monday dawned with a gray sky and rain. Amy came over with Annika and Abby for the afternoon. I took some photos of Abby with only the available window light. Miekka made fettuccine for the kids and put a movie on at lunch. All the kids were seated at the table watching and eating with rapt attention. Amy watched the kids while Miekka and I went to Costco, Hobby Lobby, and Mod Bod. I convinced Amy to stay for dinner and eat the best meal of her life. A month or so ago I made tacos for dinner. Amelia said: "mom, I usually don't like your cooking, but these tacos are amazing!" Little stinker. I made tacos for everyone. My feet were quaking in my shoes that Amelia would approve of this week's tacos (yeah, right sweetie). Since it was April Fools Miekka pulled a funny trick for FHE. She made brown "E"s for treat. Har-de-har. Miekka and I stayed up and watched half of the new Les Mis movie. Tuesday we braved spring break crowds to play at the only McD near by with a play area. It was worth getting out and playing on another cold and blustery day. The weather cleared up a bit towards evening so I took the kids to Neptune Park. I am loving all the new parks with fun and challenging play equipment. Seth pretended to slice off Phillip's ear with a light saber. Phillip was frantically looking for his lost ear. I had no idea what he was talking about! I finally figured out what happened and helped Phillip get his ear back from Seth. We headed to Mom and Dad's home Wednesday morning.  

Utah Part One

Everett happily woke most of us up at 7 am with a shriek that made me leap out of bed. Phillip, of course, slept like the dead. I managed to get the van repacked, the carseat reassembled and on our way by 9 am. The weather was glorious! By noon we arrived at Park City. I stopped at Motherhood to refresh my supply of summer shirts. Then we had lunch at the new Del Taco, the store was really new because our small order took 50 minutes to fill. Thankfully, the play area kept the kiddos busy and content. I left Everett's shoes on accident trying to get everyone to the van. Mason and Reagan were waiting outside for us when we pulled up to their home. Phillip was yelling: "Mason! I big boy Phillip!" over and over and over. Amelia disappeared with Reagan for the remainder of our stay. All the kids enjoyed the amazing trampoline. Mason played with the boys when we visited several parks over the next day and a half. I made a midnight run to Walmart after the kids went to sleep. Phillip loves his McQueen shoes so much he will not consider a new pair. I found the same style of shoes in a size larger! Sneaky! He did not even notice the change. Charity enjoyed watching Phillip and Everett's antics. They are funny, cute, amazing little boys. Reagan and Amelia organized several cute little plays including a rerun flower puppet show (from last year) and a new unicorn Pegasus show. Reagan taped paper wings to her shirt and Amelia made a crown with three triangles on top, two for ears and one for the horn). Crack me up.
Saturday Charity suggested a visit to Wheeler Farm. We forgot to consider it was Easter weekend, so the area was closed off for egg hunts. The kids enjoyed playing at a little play area built to look like a huge tree. During naps I slipped away to exchange a maternity skirt I got the day before. Dang, the mall was crowded and not enjoyable at all. I underestimated the time it would take to exchange the skirt by 40 minutes because of the traffic and mall crowds. The kids and I met Punkle Joe at Cafe Rio for dinner. I do not know who let their kids throw rice and spill lemonade all over the table. Shame on her. Messy kids. Joe told me all about his new water oven adventure into cooking. I see immersion circulators on Iron Chef all the time. He promised to cook a meal for us the next week. Charity and gang left during the night for a well-deserved vacation to Arizona. We are SOOO glad we could visit with Charity and Kenny.