03 June 2012

Memorial Day


Memorial Day! It was awesome! The kids woke up playing. Jacob was cracking my up with all his dress up outfits. Mason and Seth were a blur of nerf guns and such. Miekka let me go to Walmart alone (bliss). I scored a cute pair of earrings that made me feel a bit more glamorous. We fed the kids a sandwich lunch. Camp Floyd hosted a Civil War era reenactment that we drove out to explore. The Henderson clan, John & Courtenay, and Jarom & Stephanie also joined in the fun. The kids had a blast playing in the tepees, a little park, trying out the era appropriate toys, a treasure hunt, dressing up as soldiers, and other activities. We walked over to a school house dated from the 1870s. Dorrel Henderson found some reeds to make whistle sticks. All the kids begged to find and make whistle sticks too. Jacob took the record for having the most whistle sticks in his mouth. He sounded like an organ. 

Everyone headed back to James and Miekka's home. We rested for a while watching Despicable Me. I took some cute photos of Evelyn Lance before dinner. The guys roasted up yummy hot dogs for dinner. Amy made a huge birthday cake to celebrate three May birthday's for the Henderson family. The kids and I packed up and left right after cake. Phew! That was fun. Thanks for letting us stay over.