29 July 2008

First Haircut in a Salon

Amelia's hairstyle was on the verge of following the sheepdog look. We went to Cookie Cutter's salon to get it trimmed up. She sat in a really cool pink car, had toys to play with, Elmo to watch, and a sucker to lick. What did she do? Scream the entire time!!! I am afraid she inherited my tender scalp. It looks a bit better and should grow out faster and more evenly.

Grant is ONE and Seth is FIVE

We celebrated Grant's first birthday yesterday while Grandpa and Grandma Call were here. He actually turns one on the 3rd of August. Melissa baked up a HUGE cupcake for him to demolish. He did a pretty good job! For FHE we heard some stories from Grandpa and Grandma. Thanks to Aunt Laura for the good lesson.

We stopped by the Lances for a few minutes to give Seth his birthday present. He was a real birthday boy. I can't believe he is five now. We got him a new cool transformer. Seth, Jacob, and Amelia played Ghost Train. If you are wondering what the game is all about then just grab a blanket, throw it over your head, and run around like crazy. Pretty fun game.

PS: these pics turned out on the dark side....muhah, hah, hah

Elijah's Blessing

The Call's gathered early Sunday morning to participate in Elijah's baby blessing. We drove to Providence, UT where Raquel and Scot meet for church. Raquel dressed Elijah in a spiffy white tuxedo outfit. Grandpa Call, Justin, Kenny, Spenser, and of couse Scot all joined the other men from Scot's family. After the blessing we went to a park for brunch. The park had a perfect setting for family pictures. The kids were super excited about a small stream running through the park. I am amazed noone got wet! Fun times. Here are some pics of baby Elijah in his super cute duds.