29 July 2008

Elijah's Blessing

The Call's gathered early Sunday morning to participate in Elijah's baby blessing. We drove to Providence, UT where Raquel and Scot meet for church. Raquel dressed Elijah in a spiffy white tuxedo outfit. Grandpa Call, Justin, Kenny, Spenser, and of couse Scot all joined the other men from Scot's family. After the blessing we went to a park for brunch. The park had a perfect setting for family pictures. The kids were super excited about a small stream running through the park. I am amazed noone got wet! Fun times. Here are some pics of baby Elijah in his super cute duds.

1 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Beautiful Blue Eyes!

Can I just say, good thing he was a boy because the boys seem to be way out numbered!

The girls look oh so adorable in their pretty Sunday dresses!