13 March 2011

Argh! Snow Again!!

Last night we fell asleep to the pleasant pitter patter of falling rain...only to wake up to snow and slush this morning. It snowed quite a bit but is mostly melted, another sure sign spring is on the way. We took it easy on Thursday after all the craziness preschool at our home brings. We went to story time at the library and delivered a cute owl hat to a lady in town. I ended up making two since my first try ended up fitting Phillip instead of the intended 6 mth old. Oppps! Not sure if that was a Freudian slip of my crochet hook. Alison delivered some shirts ordered from Target so got busy appliqueing summer shirts. Phillip scored a cute hedgehog shirt with coordinating monkey pants and cricket polo; not so sure how I feel about the cricket, it looks a little tacky to me now. Amelia got a super girly cupcake shirt to match her skirt, yes, it IS a little over the top. I enjoyed every moment! She also requested a Cinderella shirt. Amelia chose the design, color, and placement of the applique. She will be quite the creator one day. A lady ordered a monogrammed onesie and clip here in town, got that done too during my creative blitz.

Friday morning the kids and I spent a good two hours at the hospital getting my glucose test done, blood typing, and rhogam shot. Since I am not doctoring in Sidney the hospital was not very helpful letting me know over the phone what I could do at home. We waited a lot. The glucose test takes about an hour so we visited some of the nurses and staff we came to admire over the last couple years. All the ladies love to see my kids dressed up in homemade clothes and cute hats. The attention is like a pat on the back for all my hard sewing and crocheting work. Quite a few of the ladies end up placing orders too! Can't complain about using my kids for advertisement. Justin stayed with the kids during lunch so I could get my rhogam shot alone. The nurse who helped deliver Phillip gave me the shot. We started talking about the three Doctors here in Sidney who still deliver babies. After our conversation I am considering trying one of the Doctors she especially likes. This nurse is amazing. Tomorrow I plan on calling the clinic to see if any of the doctors are taking pregnant patients. Removing the hassle of commuting two hours each way will simplify our whole life at this point. Justin can sleep at home removing the need for outside help staying with us.

Enjoy some Phillip loves through photos! Please take time to admire his fat little dogs (feet) and mitts (hands) and that contagious smile. I feel like squeezin' the charmin boy!