15 April 2009

We Made It!!

Hooray! We are in Utah! Amelia and I pulled out at 3:45 this morning from Sidney and arrived at Park City around 11:20 am. Amelia was really good. She slept until 7:00 am then enjoyed watching the new movies I got her for the trip. Amelia now loves Thomas the Train due to her close proximity to trains. I am suffering from post-long-drive-over-munchies! Staying alert was hard, so eating was the only thing that kept me awake. Constant eating like that makes me feel gross.

At Park City I dropped some serious cash at Motherhood getting two cute dresses, some shirts, shorts, etc to get me through the summer. Tomorrow I need to exchange a couple things at the local store here, but mostly am satisfied with my purchases. The snow started coming down while we shopped. Parley's Canyon was slick but safe if you drove slowly.

We stopped at Ken and Charity's house first to see Aunt Melissa, Ethan, and Grant before they left for a visit to Virginia. It was fun to see the cousins play together. I love all the little words Amelia says. She would mimic Grant when he cried with a hilarious fake cry. My little mime!!

After that we played with Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Lia. The cousins were REALLY LOUD. Poor Miekka had a headache after all the chaos...me? Just at the numb stage, aware I've been up way too long. I need to get used to the sleep deprivation with a newborn on the way. Miekka had a tent set up in the front room much to the kid's amusement. We had a super delicious dinner of cereal! It was the only food that sounded good to me.

Now we are at Grandma Debbie's house for the night. I decided to stay here a couple nights until John, Courtenay, and Dad get here. Jana, Jeff, and De-bo are enjoying Amelia's chattering, smiles, and laughs filling Grandma's house. Hope the LION sleeps tonight! Here is a shout out to Daddy: WE MISS YOU!!!!