01 May 2012

Hello Kitty Party


Monday was most excellent. The party preparations were in full swing late Sunday night as I tried to make cake pops worthy of Bakerella. Shoot. I am no cake guru. The entire experience was more frustrating and messy than fun and enjoyable. First the cake balls were soft and lumpy. The cake fell right off the sticks. Then the chocolate was funky and lumpy too. Alison had me add some shortening which helped. The food markers were a dismal failure. Alison even tried Magic makers, which did not work. Good thing the kids had no idea or care about the silly cake pops! I am no Jessica Christian when it comes to cakes and cookies. Girl, you rock. 

Alison and I went pretty simple as far as decorations, food, and activities. It was heaven! Alison rocked the little tags, gift bags, and water. I enjoyed spending time with Alison and the kiddos. Amelia and Ella were totally silly. The balloons in the tree were a huge hit. Amelia really missed Justin so spent a little while sulking. When he showed up she hugged his leg like a monkey. Phillip guarded the food table like an over anxious waiter. The kids played "tape the bow on Hello Kitty". Ella gave Amelia a super special gift: Hello Kitty BFF necklaces to share. We are so glad Will, Zane, and Lily could come celebrate. 

After the party I took some studio photos of the girls. Amelia the poser and Ella the mummy. She finally loosened up a bit. Amelia's posing gets stranger and stranger. LOL. Happy Birthday to our little girls. 

PS: we welcome our new little "heavy weight" nephew, Gary Van Call. Born 27 April. Weighed 10 lbs 04 oz, 22 inches long. Justin joked that he is no "mini van" Silly boy. Gary has the most adorable head of hair ever. Wish we were closer for snuggles.