29 March 2009

Merry Mia's Summer Outfits

In desperation for better weather I buckled down this week and made Amelia six outfits for summer. It was delicious working with bright colorful fabrics, giving hope for 70 degree weather again. Yah, right...we have another Winter Storm Watch for Monday-Wednesday. LOL, maybe if I made a dress spring would come.

In church today we had a new baby blessed in our ward. A non-member friend attended the blessing. He got up and bore his testimony for us all. I was very impressed. He even had some good comments in Sunday School...why is this guy NOT baptized??? The missionaries are coming to Sidney so maybe this will be his chance. I commend the family for inviting him and being such a great example. We also watched the new Church Welfare DVD for combined RS/Priesthood meeting. It was very inspiring! For the first time in about 10 years we will have to go to the church to watch General Conference. I remember my mom making General Conference weekends memorable experiences. Sometimes we packed picnics, once she even got us KFC, a RARE treat. Attendance to Saturday conference was poorly attended, we usually had a pew to ourselves to stretch out, color, and "pay attention." In a way I am looking forward to trying this out again. It may be a different experience with a toddler, but we will see.