16 June 2009

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday afternoon Amelia played in Grandma's yard with the hose! She had a really good time trying to lick the water, to give the plants some water, and jumping in the water. I think nothing is cuter than baby buns in a bathing suit! Amelia has about 4 swimming suits for this year's fun in the sun celebration. Yesterday Miekka, Courtenay, and I went to JoAnn's for a sale they had going on. I found some cute fabric and a new pad for our bassinet. We had some lunch at Cafe Rio: SUPER DUPER YUM. Miekka and I then went to Target while Amelia napped. I found some brads in the dollar bins for flower clip centers. Gotta love the dollar bins. Mom is really busy organizing and paring down everything in the house. It is pretty much a one-woman job since she is the only one who knows what stays or goes. I try to help where possible. This morning I went to Kid to Kid searching for a baby play mat. I found a cute one plus pants for Amelia, some shoes for the baby, and other cute items. John is making a yummy dinner for everyone of homemade enchiladas down to the tortillas.


Jana wanted some pictures after church on Sunday. She looked smashing in her gray and red outfit. You can see how big my littlest brothers are now. Jared grew about 3 inches since November...plus his voice is starting to change. John is taking an EMT class so pulled out his blood pressure cuff and stethoscope for the kids. They played trauma drama on Jared. All the kids thought that was especially fun. Courtenay also let the kids play with her plastic ABC set. Amelia can now sing her ABCs and "I am a child of god." I need to upload the videos of her most recent singing talents.

Poor Justin had a 30 hour ordeal getting home. His flight to Denver was delayed due to severe thunderstorms while sitting in the plane. I think his flight sat on the tarmac over an hour waiting for the green light. Consequently, he missed the shuttle from Denver to Sidney so had to stay the night. The next shuttle did not leave until 2 pm on Monday. He was miffed about taking another vacation day just to get home. I think he finally made it back to Sidney around 6 pm. So much for saving time by taking a flight back home!!!