26 August 2018

Phillip is Nine

This handsome young man is growing into such an amazing individual. He is looking more and more like a young man for starters. He loves to keep his hair short, can't stand it when his locks get longer than an inch. I personally love his sense of style! Phillip feels most comfortable wearing character tshirts with sporty shorts, long black knee socks, and tennis shoes. Although he also enjoys dressing up in his suit on Sunday.

Phillip is growing an interest in reading. His favorite books are the Geronimo Stilton series (Way of the Samurai and Kingdom of Fantasy). We read lots of GS books together at night before bed. He loves scouting and is now a Bear. This year he excelled at swim team, doing his best each practice. Phillip loves to teach himself new songs on the piano with Mr Hoffman videos (an internet program we use).

He is all boy, potty sounds and burps included. He is very kind-hearted towards others, sensitive when someone is in need. Mornings and evenings are challenging for us, but getting better. He does have a hard time focusing but we're learning how to manage as a family. We can't wait to watch this kid grow up. He is a real keeper.

**well-child update: 72.8 lbs (77.6%); 51.75 inches (34.9%)