03 September 2010

Whadda Week

We ended and started this week saying good bye to the Titus family. Alison and Matt hosted a BBQ Saturday evening at their home. Matt grilled up meat we putlucked. I made Tabouleh and Hummus for side dishes. Phew, that was delish! I crave Middle Eastern food quite often but never make it just because. We circled up and spent the evening watching the kids play, chatting up a storm as long as possible. Phillip crashed the party for us right on schedule wanting to get home for bed. Amelia is convinced that camping is simply to toast marshmallows over a fire. Hummm, we need to reeducate her! Camping soon??

Monday we hosted a dinner after Maleia said she never tasted Indian food. I made rice pilaf, spiced lentils, and chicken Tikka Masala. Super yum is about all I have to say. Monday was a little stressful thinking about everything that needed to be made since I also had a photo shoot right before dinner. Silly me. We said a bitter-sweet farewell to the Titus family. Goodness, we will miss you all!

Tuesday morning we went VT to Potter, Camy met us at the Sundry for a fun ladies lunch. That was refreshing! Camy is expecting her first girl after having two boys. I am excited for her! Can't wait for a new photo opportunity. Ella came over to play both Monday and Tuesday just for kicks.

Wednesday morning Phillip finally had his year well-baby check up. He is, well, WELL! Hooray! He weighed in at 21 pounds and is 28.7 inches long. His height and weight are between the 15th and 25th percentiles. He met all his milestones: can pincher grasp (turn book pages), has at least 5 words (he averages about 20 words or so), can crawl, stand up, eats meals with his hands, starting to wean, responds to his name, plays social games, bangs toys together (he is REALLY good at this one), waves hello and good-bye, understands simple commands (does this count if he ignores me?!), etc. His immunizations are scheduled for mid-September. Amelia hid behind a table when Grandpa Doctor came in. I guess too much time had passed away. She quickly warmed up! Phillip began a fever three hours AFTER our doctor visit. Probably just teething.

Thursday Lily came over to play with Amelia for a couple hours. Rose was kind enough to take Amelia to play with Lily at the park later on that afternoon. I did a little consignment shopping for fun. I found some brown linen pants to use as cloth for Phillip pants, two cute skirts, an 8x10 picture frame, a honey wand, and some more cold weather pants for the kiddos. My favorite part was spending a gift certificate at the book store. Since Phillip was so crabby I worked on finishing up some crochet projects while snuggling him. Deb let me come over and crochet for an hour or so. Our crochet hooks were on FIRE! LOL.

Today the Lances, James and John, plus families are on their way to visit us for Labor Day weekend. I am super excited! The best news is that I am finally caught up on photo editing for a little while. Geesh, that Utah trip wiped me out! Check out my work here and here. Also, some ladies in my ward agreed to start a joy school with me. We met last Friday for a little meeting to iron out details and make assignments. Yesterday I finalized a yearly schedule and hourly schedule to follow. We will start on Wednesday. We will meet twice a week. We will study one letter per week, big "A" and the little "A" followed by numbers. Each week or so will have a theme, a color and shape. I think this year will be really fun. Amelia is really excited to start going to school. Her backpack is stuffed with fake food, markers, shoes, underwear, and lip gloss for her new adventure. What a funny girl. All the excitement wore her out, Thursday I found her snuggled with her binky, sippy cup, and her new book, Goldilicious. 'Bout melted my heart. My garden is cranking out 3-6 tomatoes per day. I am in tomato heaven. Slip in fresh lettuce, chard, eggplant, carrots, squash, etc for some delicious eats.