03 November 2013

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet

We really enjoyed Halloween day this year. The three older kids knew what was coming and looked forward to trick or treating that afternoon. Even Everett understood that he could fill his bucket with candy by saying trick or treat. Amelia's hair stayed nicely curled from the evening before. After school we quickly got warmly dressed up since the wind was gusting a cool breeze. Everett was the warmest of our bunch, his hands stayed nice and warm. Warm enough to melt a handful of candy.

Downtown Sidney hosted a fun trick or treat event through most of the businesses on main street. The kids could come and visit all the little stores and get a candy in return. My friend Candice offered a free Halloween photo in her new studio. The main square was roped off. The local police and fire departments hosted a trunk or treat. It was super fun to see folks we know passing out candy, safety tips, flashlights, and glo sticks. We rushed home to warm our bones a bit and eat some dinner. I made a dinner from my Halloween childhood: Macaroni-n-cheese with hot dogs. Gross. The kids liked it and it was fast. Once Justin got home from work we ate and then headed to one of the popular neighborhoods. First we stopped at Golden Living center to show off the kid's costumes to some of our community elderly. The folks were arranged in a large circle passing out candy! Everett got a lot of attention with his cute turtle shell. It jiggles and wiggles in the cutest way when he walks around. Then we drove a short way and let the kids walk from house to house for a square block. Phillip took a cold and breezy potty break at the most inconvenient time. Hey! At least he did not wet his pants. At home Amelia and I walked down the street to visit her teacher Mrs Dobry. She only lives two blocks away. The kids ate a large share of candy then collapsed into bed. For the first night in a long while the kids stayed in their own beds. Bliss.  

Halloween Costumes 2013


Doin' the Monster Mash


Be prepared for photo overload. I had fun...fulfilling my desires as a photographer mommy. The kids even seem to enjoy taking photos! I am so relieved Halloween is finally over. The holiday ends up lasting 7-8 days with parties before the actual holiday. For us it started with Cabela's Trick or Treat Street event. I took photos of the kid's costumes right after we left. I about died laughing over some outtakes from Phillip's photos. I had Amelia helping me fluff his cape at one point, one photo looked exactly like he was tooting and filling his cape with noxious gases.

Most of the day I spent editing photos taken over the weekend and taking baby Shaylee's photos. Shaylee was the squishiest baby yet at a whopping 10 lbs! She is uber cute. Since I had all my newborn set ups out I took some two month photos of Evelyn as well in the buff. She took a nice nap for me allowing me to photograph her in several set ups. She is so beautiful! I cannot get enough of her little smiles and cooing voice. See the previous post for the photos. Monday evening we carved pumpkins with the Smuin family for FHE. Meagan made a leftover dinner that was so delish I wonder what her normal cooking is like. She is an awesome cook. I made pumpkin cookies as our contribution. Over dinner Justin won the parent of the decade award. Meagan is expecting a baby girl in January.

Me: you should name her baby Merida since both girls dressed up as Merida for Halloween.
Justin: Nah, that is too close to the French and Spanish word for S-H-I-T.
Amelia: SHIT, S-H-I-T spells SHIT. Mom? What is shit?

We learned a valuable lesson that spelling out words is no longer sneaky. I tried so hard not to topple over laughing. I told her the word was a naughty word for poop that people and that if she said it again especially at school she would have to see Mr Jeffers in the Principal's office.

Meagan spread a drop sheet on the kitchen floor and Shane used a drywall knife (worked awesome BTW) to cut the pumpkin tops. The kids were not so keen about the slimy pumpkin guts. I carved a record 4 pumpkins in 30 minutes. We had a great time.

Amelia was very excited to get her ears pierced Tuesday morning. Meagan watched the boys at open gym time while the girls went to PaperDolls Salon. Deb...and I...chickened out over Evelyn's ears. Deb could not get the gun level around her tiny earlobes. Amelia chose a cute pair of gold and pearl studs. I am so proud of her! She did not even flinch. Deb pierced the first ear, then asked her how she was feeling. Amelia smiled and said, "they feel good." She smiled through the second ear too. Guess she really is my girl and related to Grandpa Lane: pain is a green light. Mr Jeffers met us at the school door. Amelia proudly showed off her new ears. Mr Jeffers made her feel like a million bucks, gushing over how gorgeous her ears were. He preened asking if he should get earrings too. Amelia was a bit confused, not sure if he was joking. He claimed he was not brave like Amelia was. Since then she has not complained of any pain.

Wednesday our ward hosted a trunk-or-treat. Amelia dressed up as Aurora this time. She let me curl her hair in ringlets. Oh. My. Goodness. So darling. It took 30-35 minutes to curl her hair. I made cupcakes and chili to bring. The bishop totally rocked his costume as Gru from Despicable Me. We handed out candy inside the church this year. It was windy and cold as usual. Everett collapsed on the floor with an acute case of candy coma.

Friday I met with Phillip's preschool teacher after class. We went over his progress report. He is making tons of progress. He is top of the class in alphabet identification and writing, he knows all his shapes, colors, and numbers (except 6 & 9). She showed me samples of how his coloring improved. He can also write his name by himself. He wrote it out for me that evening. I am so proud of him! I feel much better knowing that the work I've put in at home actually pay off. He does not show me at home that he is listening. The kids almost drove me off the wall Friday afternoon. Amelia was over the top whiny and spent the evening crying and carrying on. Justin arrived home just in time to watch me put her in her room for the 4th time since 3 pm. I took a nice solo walk around the block to cool my jets.

Saturday we drove to Sterling Walmart for new front van tires. We spent 45 minutes in line and ordering only to find out that Walmart was out of the tires we needed. Talk about frustrating. We had some lunch then Justin dropped the kids and I off at Pioneer Park while he went to another tire place. We had a great time playing at the play centers, throwing leaves into the stream, and enjoying the glory of a wonderful autumn afternoon. Justin helped the kids rake a pile of leaves to slide into. The wind blew most of our leaves away this week. Everett came down with a barking cough over the night. He and I spent the night alternating time in the bathroom with hot steam and outside in the cold. Poor kid! I stayed home with him and Evelyn from church today. Evelyn now has a stuffy nose. I am rubbing lots of DoTerra oils on their feet hoping they get better soon.