04 June 2017

Everett is Six

This boy. That smile. Those brown eyes. His imagination. Out of all my kids Everett is the best at entertaining himself. He often gets stuck in some otherworldly realm with a blaster or weapon. He is our classic middle child. He seeks attention and craves validation more that the others. He is so awesome playing on teams like soccer. Everett is out entrepreneur child. This week he lovingly made me a nice card, then charged me $0.25 for his effort. Oh gosh! That is the best ever. I realized on our little date that this kid needs more alone time with his parents. Out of all my kids he had the least baby photos taken, probably a result of having Phillip as a toddler at the same time he was born. Still, probably more than most folks ever take.

This is one smart cookie. He is a numbers man. He is a shape connoisseur, his favorite shape is a dodecahedron. Yeah, that's what I thought. This kid loves computer games. I have to constantly remind myself to watch his electronics time because he can spend all day no problems.

At his well-child he weighed 44 lbs, 40.5% and measured 44 inches tall (24.7%). His height felt wrong because he is taller than he is weight wise, more slender. I measured him at home, he measured a full inch taller, 45 inches at 43%. That feels much better. His mouth definitely works, he can talk the legs off a donkey. We love our angry squirrel, man diva, Everada loves Enchiladas. Squeeze that boy tight.