16 August 2008

Discovery Museum

Thursday seemed lackadaisical after our busy Wednesday. By 4 pm Amelia and I needed some other people to interact with so we called Miekka up. She invited us over to come play and for dinner. Justin arrived home later on that evening.

Justin, Amelia, and I went to the Discovery Museum Friday morning with Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Mary (Miekka's mom). I was delighted that Amelia enjoyed herself so thoroughly. She was quite busy flitting here and there trying to play with everything. It seemed she enjoyed the water, grocery shop, and farm areas the most. We took a lunch break at the Gateway food court then went back for more fun. Seth and Jacob were equally busy playing. Jacob was very engaged in sorting items by size and color. He is at the perfect age for categorizing! By 2pm Amelia was showing signs of wearing out so we went home for a nice family nap.

James and Miekka babysat Amelia for us so we could catch a movie. We watched the new Mummy movie. It was very cheesy and funny. For dinner we munched on movie popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, and root beer. We both felt a bit grossed out after the indulgence. I won't be eating popcorn anytime soon! Amelia was a very good girl for James and Miekka! We picked her up smiling and handing out "fives".

I can't wait to see pictures of Jessica & Rory's new baby girl! She had her Thursday afternoon, reportedly 8lbs 2oz, 19 inches long, named Sadie Lyn (?). Jessica was about 11 days overdue! Yuck!