01 February 2009

Widow's Mite

Today in Relief Society we had an awesome lesson on Fasting. The spirit was so strong! It seems lately the spirit is not as strong in my life as it should be. It is my fault for not reading the scriptures as often as I did during my single years. Serving a mission is a dream now of uninterrupted spiritual feasts. Squeezing in 20 minutes of study and prayer should not be a problem here in Sidney since my days are not filled. Last week I made a concentrated effort to study and pray for 20-30 minutes while Amelia naps. My sacrifice: blogging and email. The feelings of the day were well worth the reduction of blogging.

While in Jerusalem my main purchase was a widow's mite, beveled into a necklace charm. I love the story in Luke, how the widow was surrounded by Jewish Elders paying exorbitant sums of tithing money. The widow dropped her two mite's into the tithing box and went on her way. Often I think of her. Was she fasting, what was she praying for, and what happened to her petitions? I am sure her small sacrifice was repaid 100 fold, maybe not in the ways she expected but she was praised by the Lord for her faith. I carry a mite like the one she paid to remind me that part of being a member of this church is to give our ALL, but to give it in secret. I'll never forget the pomp and circumstance of the different religions in Jerusalem, I can honestly imagine a wisp of a lady dressed in humble clothing paying her tithes completely unnoticed, surrounded by outward expressions of worship. I understand quite well now that the Lord expects quiet worship and service. What a perfect reminder on this Fast Sunday.

On another note: we spent the afternoon napping (Justin and Amelia), crocheting (me), and playing with Amelia. Justin played play dough "snakes" and "snowman," horsie, and coloring. It warmed my heart to watch them interact! Love it!!


Friday evening Justin and I played BINGO. We dropped Amelia off at daycare for an hour, the workers were leaving when we finally arrived because Amelia was the only kid who signed up to come play. Good thing we arrived when we did!! Amelia had a face of complete horror as we drove off...goodness I hate leaving her.

Now, why were we playing BINGO? Justin's work hosted a gaming party for all the new employees joining Cabela's in the past 12 months. The party was at the local Elk's club, complete with a huge elk's head on the wall. I wonder if all Elk's clubs have to have an Elk on the wall?? Upstairs the serious gamers smoked, drank, and played Texas Hold 'Em. The rest of us played BINGO. Along the sideboard were snacky-snacks to munch on. The spicy chicken wings were actually pretty good.

We played about 15 games of BINGO. I never knew there were so many different versions of BINGO. Wonders of all wonders I actually won two games in a row! I one a version where you have to configure a "C" around the edges of the card and then a game of blackout. I won a $25 gift certificate...to CABELA'S and a pop gun decorated in pink ammo. It was fun.

Amelia had the two daycare worker's wrapped around her little finger. She was bossing them around telling them to go here and there, read this book, and play that game. They were impressed with her extended vocabulary. She is pretty amazing.

Yesterday the weather was a balmy 48 degrees. It felt like summer when the wind was not blowing. We looked at a couple more homes with a real estate agent in the morning. Justin worked most of the morning and afternoon so Amelia and I enjoyed an hour at the park and walked around the little pond. She was pretty crabby after her nap so we walked to the railroad tracks and caught a train speeding by. She sure loves those trains now. The best part of our day was when Alison dropped off a hot loaf of wheat bread. It smelled divine!! We piled into the car and made a 10 minute trip to Walmart to get a new wireless router. I am so happy that our internet works great now. No more spotty coverage...and I don't have to sit on the floor with the laptop next to the bathroom.