27 September 2009

Painting Party

Friday night we hosted a little painting party at our new house. Justin spent Tuesday-Thursday nights working on the ceilings. He was putting in some really late nights! I taped the ceilings Friday morning and sealed the tape with ceiling paint. Phillip helped me tape while hanging off my chest in his front carrier. Probably not the safest activity to do with a baby! During lunch we went to Walmart to get more painting supplies like roller pads, brushes, and more paint. The paint I chose for Amelia's room and the bathroom turned out to be totally horrendous. Yuck!

We had three couples show up, the Duttons, Titus', and Webbs, and then four ladies, Alison, Becky, Madison, and Jeremee. With all the help we painted the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallways, Phillip & Amelia's rooms, and Justin finished the ceilings in our bedroom and the main bath. I did not notice but even the laundry room had a funky purple color so that needed some neutral paint. I tried to help out a bit but Phillip needed feeding and wanted to be held half of the time. I think we made it back home before 10:30. Justin and I are SO grateful for all the help. It is amazing that we can just ask 24 hours before and get a resounding response from people we've only known for 8 months. I am so grateful to be part of a church that has such generous people. I think we all had a fun time getting to know everyone, eating pizza, guzzling soda pop, and slapping paint around. I will be repainting Amelia's room...it looks like Pepto Bismol had an accident all over the walls. Tomorrow morning we are driving to Cheyenne to get the bedding set for her room so I can properly match paint. The bathroom color ended up looking lavender when applied to the walls. I was going for a light blue tone. Maybe Walmart can add some blue to move the color palette.

Amelia stayed with Matt Haley and kids while we painted. She barfed all over herself and the floor during dinner time. Matt does NOT do barf so handled the situation with flying colors. Not sure why she threw up since Mia seemed to be feeling better.

Saturday Alison watched Amelia in the morning so we could hammer out some more work. I think most of the touch up work is nearly completed. I painted the front door red!! It looks awesome. We were all so tired from the painting we took a long afternoon nap. Amelia and Phillip went with me to see the Women's Conference Broadcast. The ward had a nice dinner for the ladies. All the tables were nicely decorated with fall decorations. Amelia sat on the floor for half of the broadcast and watched her princess movie. The talks were all awesome. I caught only about half of what they said but the half I heard was inspirational.

Today the Sunday School lesson was on prophets. Holy Smokes! We had some excellent conversations going on! I love it when people participate, which is most every week in this ward. Amelia had diarrhea during her nap so woke up with foul sheets. She would not get out of bed for 10 minutes, I finally went in to get her and noticed the smell. Poor thing was covered from waist down. She got a quick bath and nice clean sheets! I hope she feels better soon! Her little eyes are red and swollen like she is not feeling well.

Check out more pictures from the painting party at my picasa web album