27 September 2020

Babby Farms

 Most of our week was on the boring side. The hazy skies brought a measure of "blah" and "meh" to our attitudes. I did buy a large pack of sidewalk chalk on Monday. The girls decorated parking spots for their bikes or scooters. It was too late to get a photo of the chaos in the driveway that evening. Evelyn and Josie took baths in the snow saucers with hose water and hand soap. Ambree, Evelyn, and Josie made an umbrella fort. The creativity was very high this week. Everett spent most afternoons outside with various lengths of PVC pipe doing whatever he does outside. 

We are enjoying our family read of The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis. The kids finished worksheets for each basic subject for this week's submission. Friday's submission went quickly, only took me 20 minutes to gather and submit. I tried on Thursday night but Google had a large outage, course...just my luck. Our early morning are catching up with me! I love getting up at 6:40 but it does make for a very tired mother. I wish getting up early was a natural talent. Still no weight loss for any of us gym-goers except Everett who doesn't have any chub to lose. My huge task of the week is getting the plethora of receipts ready for reimbursement. I need a better way to get this done. 

Wednesday we drove out to Babby Farms for a homeschool activity. I had to laugh a little at the amount of essential oil smells wafting from other attendants. The natural folks were out in abundance for the activity. The kids fed some of the non-biting animals. The Asian deer were by far the daintiest creatures. We loved the Llamas, camels, zorses, zdonk, ponies, emus, monkeys, cats, and such. Amelia was quite sad the sloths and otters were not out to play. Exotic animals in the middle of farm country! What an idea. One little monkey named Mario gave us a playful show on his tiny circle swing. Amelia had a service project cleaning out an over-grown backyard. 

Josie bemoans most everyday how long it takes until her next birthday. It is torture to wait until after Christmas. She is worried about it taking too long. We tease her that she's not going to grow much since she will not eat fruits and veggies. I can almost see the disgust character from "Inside Out" driving her brain during meals. Evelyn is planning for Christmas already...once she noticed decorations out at Walmart. Fall is indeed in the air this week. I am looking forward to pumpkin patches. On our drive to church this morning I told Justin my plan to visit lots of Pumpkin patches. He responded, "Hon, I am the wind beneath your wings." I added and the "money to my dreams!" Ha ha ha. Justin keeps my kitchen island stocked with fresh flowers. He is so thoughtful. Tonight we are having dinner with the Palmers! Fun times. Amelia is baking lemon cookies for dessert. Drool......