19 November 2008

Crafty wind blows through West Valley

I've really enjoyed crafting after a 5 week break. Miekka charged me with the task (to my pleasure) of making her a Hooter Hider. I made two yesterday and appliqued three shirts for Lia she found at the DI. I invited my neighbor, Natalie Larson, over because she wanted to learn how to make both a Hooter Hider and an appliqued tee. She is expecting a girl in February! Amelia was our big little helper, sitting on my lap, helping cut, measure, and iron fabric. It took a lot longer than usual but we persevered! I hope Natalie learned something through all the chaos!
My good friend Catherine watched Amelia later yesterday afternoon while I went to shoot an outdoor session with a family of 5 kids. Catherine said Amelia was really good. I sure appreciate the Taylors for watching her. The session went really well. The kids took several candy or treat breaks to capture their attention. I love shooting outside! We were all pretty cold by the time the shoot ended. Amelia was glad to see me, and I her! She helped me make her favorite food, spaghetti and peas. After dinner she danced in the living room much to our amusement.