14 April 2010

Pavement Rushing

Oh how I LOVE the sound of my tires on the road. A sweet sound of wind and traction of my tires rushing over the pavement. This was my first bike ride here in Nebraska. It was WINDY like usual, about 15-20 mph winds. Normally, this is not much of an issue, I felt the wind drag big time on the bike trailer. We invested in a double bike trailer with our yearly REI points. I am sad this will be our last year for points since we are trading in that Visa for a Cabela's one (surprised? Not). We had a nice 45 minute ride on the running trail and through the town. The kids did awesome. I had a couple bad dreams about them fighting inside the trailer.

We had the missionaries over for dinner right after our ride. Phillip "helped" me make jello. I normally fix dinner with him in the front carrier. His arms are nearly as long as mine now when he reaches. Mr Grabby Hands made a successful pass at the bowl of jello, spilling liquid red jello all over the floor and dribbled down all the drawers and on our clothes. He was pretty pleased with himself. I was not so pleased. We are graduating to the baby backpack now.