11 December 2011

Letter W, Weather, & Star

Monday was pretty crazy! The kids are always hyper on Mondays. We talked about the star shape and made a star with our fingers. I taught them how to draw a star. Then we learned about the letter W and the sound it makes. The kids bent pipe cleaners into a "W" shape for a tactile activity. We talked about weather next, specifically the wind. Each child experimented with straws and various materials like feathers, toy cars, rocks, yarn, cotton balls, and clothes pins. We first decided if the wind from our straws would move the object. Then we raced if the object could move. It was silly fun. We used wind to make awesome snow scenes on dark paper with white paint. I tried to make wax paper crayon pictures but playing with toys won. We had star shaped cheese, meat, and bread mini sandwiches for snack.

Wednesday Phillip tried to read us a book. He did a good job until it came to reading the words. We made the W shape with finger paints on a table. The kids had more fun playing "bloody hands" afterwards. We read a fun book about how to read the temperature and about the water cycle. For our craft the kids made weather wheels. The kids made dirt cups for snack: chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms. Funny story: Phillip opened up two boxes of pudding and poured it on the floor. Then he grabbed a carton of whipping cream and proceeded to make mud on the kitchen floor. I happened on him trying to drink whipping cream from the pudding box. He was most proud of himself.
Friday we focused on the snow aspect of weather. We made cute doily snowmen on pages the kids decorated on Monday. We read "The Biggest Snowman". We talked about how snow is made and what temperature the air needs to be. Their little snowmen have fancy sparkly buttons, glitter carrot noses, and googly eyes. Everett was having a major caniption fit so the kids played with rice for the rest of the time. They loved it! We snacked on snowballs. Basically, just sugar cookies pureed until a fine crumb, add cream cheese, and dip the balls of dough in powdered sugar.

A Letter for Santa

Thursday Amelia really, really wanted to visit the Post Office and mail Santa a letter. She dictated a letter to me then signed and decorated the letter. She wants Santa to bring her a pair of black ballet shoes while she is sleeping. So sweet. She signed the envelope and made a fancy star then sealed up the letter. We made a stop off at the library for storytime first. Mrs Nightingale is awesome with the kids. She even lets Phillip join. Amelia was so excited about the special red mail box just for Santa letters. She had to concentrate extra hard to get that letter into the box. Little Innej is having way too much fun at our home this year. She knocks on walls, rings, bells, leaves little treats, and even rings the doorbell on occasion.

Little Everett is not very happy lately, he ran a low grade fever all weekend. My best guess is teething again. He is gnawing on everything. That little kid LOVES baby mum-mum, a rice cake that literally melts in the mouth. He will eat 3-4 while I make dinner. Thursday Everett started clapping his hands on purpose. One moment he was sporadically hitting his hands, a gleam came to his eyes...wham, he started clapping. It clicked. Saturday he started babbling "da-da-da." Justin and I could listen to him talk for hours. That sweet voice is the sound of angels.

Yesterday my dad called from Jerusalem. He enjoyed a musical fireside with the BYU students at the Jerusalem Center. I went to Walmart BY MYSELF...wow, that was amazing. Took me almost two hours of leisurely strolling around to shop for Christmas odds and ends and the regular food shopping. Made me giddy. Justin and I went out on a fun date over to the Hackleman's home for "dinner group." The Grunig's joined in the fun night too. Bro Hackleman roasted up an amazing pork loin for us, throw in some sweet potatoes, rolls, and rice crispy treats for a yummy meal. We took Everett along since it is hard to leave all 3 for one 14 year old girl.