18 November 2011

Mmmmm, mmmm Good


I love this little guy. He is so happy and content. This week he really started talking. He will zone in on your face, give you an intent look, then start singing, cawing, and growling all with drool dripping down his chin. He loves to give out slobbery kisses. If his legs are spread wide enough he can sit for about a minute! I just adore the sparkle in this baby's eyes.

On another note...we have a dead deer hanging in our garage. I am so torn between fascination and gagging. Justin and Matt went out hunting all day yesterday again. Matt bagged a buck before 9 am. Looks like no deer for us this year since Justin does not want to go out on Saturday. Mr Brayden came over once the guys got home to help skin the deer. That kid LOVES bugs, animals, and hunting. Phillip got blood all over one hand which grossed the little guy out. At least our garage does not smell like nasty socks and rangy creature anymore.

Phillip's vocabulary seemed to double this week. He added a few awesome words: I can't (wonder where he got that from, Mia?), HELP!, Do It, trouble, TV, away, airplane, car, van, and gross. He pretty much will repeat any word you say but has not reflected the words later until this week. Good job buddy!

I decided to teach a class on making fabric flowers and accessories. The event is scheduled for 01 Dec. As of now I have 12 ladies signed up for the class. It will be a lot of work but fun at the same time. Kenny, Charity, Libby, Mason, and Reagan are coming to Sidney for Thanksgiving. We are beyond excited to have them out here for some R&R and spoiling. Amelia has a pile of art work for Reagan saved up. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.