27 December 2009

Four Months Old

I am a couple days late in posting this. Phillip Anson turned four months old on Christmas Day. We had two fun little photo shoots to commemorate the occasion: one in his Christmas jammies and another in the evening. I can hardly dare to believe 4 months have raced by. Phillip is such a wonderful sweetheart. He is an angel baby full of smiles and cooing. He can finally hold up his head like a champ. Mia held up her head (from a tummy position) from birth, so I was a little worried about Phillip. He can roll over from his tummy to back IF his arms are positioned right. He will track voices now and responds to his name. Phillip stuffs anything and everything into his mouth. He can often be found with his pointer and middle fingers drenched with slobber hanging out in his mouth. His favorite toy are Mia's pretty beads that I hang from his bouncy seat and swing. They are long enough to tangle in his fingers and not lose grip on them. Like Amelia, Phillip is very vocal. Possibly due to the hours we spend talking and cooing at each other. Mia and Phillip love when I play the piano with them perched on my lap.

He is going through a growing spurt, which interrupts his night sleeping schedule. His last feeding is around 10:30-11 pm. For the past week he started to wake up between 4-6 am starving. I hope this trend does not last too long. I am afraid it will continue because we are not supposed to start him on solids until 6 months old due to his laryngeal malaysia. I think he weighs about 12.5 to 13 lbs and is about 24 inches long. What do you think of his cute smile? We LOVE it!!