08 February 2009

A Family Outing

Yesterday Justin decided it would be fun to go check out Scottsbluff, one of the bigger cities that is withing a 150 mile radius. We drove the long way there using the back roads. I last saw Chimney Rock about 5 years ago. I remember thinking, "this place is in the middle of absolute nowhere" and "there is nothing that would compel me to move in these parts!" Who'da thunk?! Now we are less than 40 miles away from this great pioneer monument. We stopped at the small visitor's center, paid $3 per person for a dinky tour of the museum, and let Amelia run around. I actually forgot my camera so used my new cell phone camera. It is decent!! Definitely no 10 MP camera.

Scottsbluff is a small town, home to about 15,000. I think it is the 12th largest city in Nebraska. We visited Target and JoAnn's as part of our tour of the town. Amelia was a complete nerd bonker during dinner. She is in the stage where she wants to do everything her self but spills water, bowls, plates, etc in the process. If you try to help she melts faster than a drama queen. We ate some yummy Chinese food then headed back home. It was a fun diversion!