25 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Phillip Anson


Today is such a special day for our little man. He is two! I feel like we've been in the "2's" for a while now so to actually reach it makes me take a step back. He is growing up so fast. Phillip is one sweet, curious, mischevious, and adorable little boy. He makes the rhyme of puppy dog tails and snails true. Yesterday when I set up my studio to take a few photos of him he got sooooo excited. When I actually let him up on my platform he was about to die of happiness. As you can see he dished out every face and emotion I see most of our days. When I put on his new shirt (yep, made it!) he was stuttering about the cool two on the front. I LOVE how he shows the number two, with one single index finger from each hand.

We went to see Grandpa Doctor on Tuesday. Phillip weighs in at 28.4 lbs, is 33.25 inches long, putting him in the 71% and 31% percentiles respectively. He can walk/run, jump, crawl, roll over, somersault, and climb like a monkey. He is trying so very hard to talk, I understand him about 50% of the time, when he gestures about 90% of the time. Phillip loves to get dressed, brush his teeth, drink chocolate milk, eat snacks, make messes, kiss Everett, annoy/play with Amelia, snuggle with mom, read books, wear hats, play with sticks/rocks/sand, ride his bike, wrestle with dad, and take long baths. He is most often found in my wake putting back everything I just put away.

Goodness, it is so hard to verbalize what Phillip is! He is amazing! He is cute! He is snugly! I love how solid and chunky he is, makes it fun to wrestle him. He has the funniest little personality part goat (garbage disposal), donkey (stubborn), monkey (climber), and chicken (fast). My favorite times of the day is when he first wakes up. I get him some chocolate milk and he snuggles on my lap until the milk is gone. Then he pats my face and goes adventuring. Phillip does hear "NO!" way too often. We need to help him learn boundaries and limits. Thus is the life of an active two year old boy. Just imagine "Pig Pen" and "Linus" and that is a good combination for our boy. Happy Birthday!!! We love you so very much!