01 April 2009

New Tenants

Pondering the amazing quality of Ramen Noodles!!

We welcome Dorothy and Dorothy to our humble home. I decided it was time to get fish again. I'd pull out my 10 gal tank but have NO idea which box or boxes to look in. Amelia chose two cheap $.24 common goldfish while I picked out a $7 bowl kit. That was the best $7.58 cents ever spent. Amelia crooned to her Dorothies during the cart ride to check out. The bright and happy rocks and fish bring a boost of color to our bland home. If I could just hang some pictures, paint, etc...our house would feel much more lived in. Yesterday we also brought five new pairs of shoes I got off eBay! One pair has little squeakers inside so as Amelia walks she squeaks. She calls them "Mousie" shoes. She's danced around the house for a couple hours now. I crocheted about four more hats to add to my "for sale" collection. I am preparing for two craft shows in April. Last night I made up and ordered 500 business cards for my ScrapShirts and Apple Green Photography businesses. I am trying to keep business local because being a mom is still my number one priority.

I had a Dr visit this morning. We arrived 5 minutes prior to our 10:20 visit and were not seen until 11:30. Thankfully, Amelia had on her mousie shoes and a pickle to keep her busy. The Dr is concerned that this pregnancy may have a complication, placenta previa. He ordered another ultrasound for the 22nd week to see if my uterus enlarged enough to move the placenta off the cervix. Hopefully, this will be the case. Often if placenta previa is diagnosed the baby comes very early (around 30-35 weeks), bed rest and complete cessation of movement (exercise) etc in the third trimester, and c-sections are ordered to deliver the baby. I have not had any major issues yet, so hopefully the placenta moved. At least we get another ultrasound and hopefully a peek at the gender of our baby. The ultrasound is scheduled for 27th of April.

I am planning a visit to Utah. Justin will stay here since April is a busy month for him due to a project coming due. Amelia and I plan to drive out on the 15th and return around the 22nd. My Dad and Jeff will be in town so we plan on having a merry family party. I was thinking the other day, without Mom home too who will feed Dad and Jeff? They are not accostumed to cooking for themselves!! Dad will survive with his Slimfast and tuna, but Jeff? Ha, he is rich!!