03 March 2009

Sidewalk Chalk

For some reason this seems very momentous to me: sidewalk chalk. I picked some up at Walmart today just to see if she would dig coloring outside. She played outside by herself for 20 whole minutes. I could hear her little voice wafting through the door saying stuff like "ABC's" and "123's" plus commentary on the scary doggies, loud trains, and cars passing by. She is a funny girl. I don't ever need to wonder what is going on because she gives a running tally out loud.

Justin is coming home now in time for dinner! He can hear Amelia shrieking his name from inside his car once she spots "Daddy's car." He is tickled pink every time. I've tried to replicate several favorite restaurant dishes here at home. Today I attempted to make Penne Rosa from Noodles and Co. Honestly, I think it tasted just as good or better. Yum, yummy.

Yesterday Amelia and I enjoyed the warmer weather by going on a walk to the Salvation Army and book store. No good finds this week. The Salvation Army here seems to have the same stuff all the time, it must be hit and miss. I also miss the KSL Classifieds and Craig's List. I am looking for a fun trike for Amelia's birthday, one short enough to fit her tiny legs but also adjustable. Keep an eye out for me. I think Amelia and I will try to come out to Utah while my Dad is visiting Jeff and John sometime in April. We may even be in Utah over Amelia's birthday. How fun will that be?? Who knows!

Justin cracks me up. Last night we had a serious conversation about Man Boundaries. Apparently, it is uncouth to ask another man where he shoots his prairie dogs. If I was new to the area and unsure of where to shoot myself a varmint, I'd ask another dude about some options. I don't understand "MAN CODE." Along the same lines I probably don't understand "woman code" because I usually make my own rules and do whatever seems the most logical (or illogical) course of action. I could not help giggling through out the night thinking about Justin's view of how to deal with other dudes.