05 October 2008

General Conference

photo by Tom Smart
I love General Conference weekend. It is a peaceful time to sit on the couch, crochet, and feel the spirit. I LOVED Elder Perry's talk on the 4 necessities in life: food, shelter, clothing, and fuel (spiritual). With all the financial turmoil in the world and congress' new "bandaid" his counsel was all the more imperative. Church leaders have admonished members of the church for a long time to live within their means and that the day would come when our debts would have to be repaid. I am very grateful for parents who taught me to live within a budget and the wholesomeness of simple living.

President Monson's counsel to 'deal with stresses as they come, because they will come; and not let those stresses get in the way of what is most important--the people around us.' Simple. Love it.

We are all packed and ready for our next adventure. Justin will accompany Amelia and I to the airport. He is flying to Livermore and we are flying to JFK then Amman. I am so glad he will be at the airport to help "sherpa" us through the lines and security. My main worry at this point in time is making the connecting flight at JFK...I have 40 minutes to make the connection and my seat is in the very back of the airplane. Doesn't sound too bad until you figure waiting to deplane, waiting for the carseat/stroller, running to the correct terminal, bathroom, diaper change, etc. Chaos here we come!!!

Amelia is entering a fun stage. She started stacking and grouping items this week. She played with Grandpa Lane's slimfast for 20 minutes making towers with them. She lines up objects on the coffee table, knocks them off, then puts them back up. She is mimicking our hand movements and tries to imitate our facial expressions much to our pleasure. What a funny monkey.