09 November 2010

Another Shiner

I feel so lazy lately! The time change is not helping out any either. This year the kids did really well with the time change. Putting them down at the same clock hour means they are extra tired and sleep in to a normal hour. Amelia is still not sleeping well. She wakes up between 4-9 times per night crying quite loudly. If she cries too long Phillip wakes up, then Justin wakes up. Last night growing pains kept her up half the night. Poor thing!

Justin finally braved laying down some insulation in the roof over Phillip's room on Friday night. It was a dirty, dusty, cramped job for him. We purchase a roll or two as often as we are able when near a Home Depot. There was enough for Phillip's room, the coldest corner room on the North-East edge, and part of Amelia's. One day, roll by roll the attic will have better insulation.

We decided to go somewhere on Saturday just to do something different. Amelia asked if Justin would take her to Target and get her some more cute shoes. Boy, he is in trouble. We did go to Target! Phillip has no shoes that fit and our Walmart did not have any sizes for him. So off to Scottsbluff we drove. First, we ordered a pizza from Papa John's and had a nice picnic at the park. Then Target and Maynards (a hardware store). Indeed, we got shoes for the kids. Amelia scored a sparkly pair if red shoes. I forgot my crochet hooks for the drive up so had to amuse myself talking Justin's ear off. The drive home Justin took back dirt roads. Nebraska is actually quite beautiful! The landscape is broken up with gorgeous bluffs and small groves of trees. He scoped out the location he chose for deer hunting this coming Saturday.

Sunday was a blur of practicing for our Primary Program. It is a little stressful! The kids will do a great job regardless. Amelia took a tumble off the back of our couch and landed on a toy. Her poor eye swelled up due to the injury. She looks like Quasimodo. I swear we are not beating our kids. Maybe now she will heed my warnings not to play on the couches. The Webb's invited us out for pumpkin pie that evening. Amelia was excited to try out a pumpkin treat. Phillip showed off his new wobbly walking steps. Phillip wore his newest stylish hat on Sunday. I finally got a pattern for a crochet flat cap. The pattern was written for a full grown male so it took me a while to finagle the hat down to toddler size. The result is stinkin' cute on our little man. Combine that hat with some seriously cheezy grins and you have a heart breaker.

Yesterday, Phillip decided walking was the way to go. He walked across the kitchen several times accompanied by much applause and cheering. I love his bandy-legged walk. One day soon I will get the videos updated. I love that he will stand, walk, and turn around all in a matter of seconds. He is a fast learner. Amelia spent the afternoon playing at Lily's house. Phillip and I walked over around 2:30 to chat with Rose for an hour. Lily has a dog named Duncan. Amelia is pretty scared of dogs. By the time she left Duncan was playing ball games with her and Amelia was not afraid to pet him...or boss the poor animal around. That was a huge accomplishment for little Mia.

I am having a lot of fun with my photography lately. My passion is photographing newborn babies. Check out my recent work on my photo blog: http://www.applegreenphotography.blogspot.com/