12 August 2008

Our Two Dollar Tuesday

Thanksgiving Point is having their $2 Tuesdays for the whole month of August. Miekka and the boys invited Amelia and I to visit the Dinosaur Museum with them this morning. The museum was packed. Traffic slowed down starting a mile away from the freeway ramp. It seemed every mother, stroller, and toddler was out in force.

I noticed a ton of pregnant bellies...at least five times I wanted to rub a belly to catch some good pregnany karma. Miekka doesn't like her belly rubbed so I had to look elsewhere. Maybe it is time to wear my good luck turtle earrings.

I left my stroller in the car. One less item to keep track of. Amelia is at the stage where walking is seventh heaven. She touched all the surfaces she could reach. I loved how all of the walls were textured like different rocks. Her favorite part was playing with dinosaur puzzles. She tolerated the sand pit area with amusement. Seth and Jacob enjoyed all the dinosaurs and hands-on exhibits. Fun times. We had some McDonald's kid meals for lunch. Yum, yum!

Funny story: This morning I was brushing my teeth while holding Amelia. She grabs a hold of my tooth brush and said, "I do it." Then proceeded to brush my teeth for me. She said the same thing when I poured her milk, changed her diaper, put shoes on, etc. It appears we now have a two year old 8 months early. She sure has enough tantrums already to qualify for the terrible twos.