31 August 2008

Amelia toddling around the park

Throwing a cute little tantrum

Is it Fall Already?

Cute pumpkin shirt for Halloween AND Thanksgiving!

Zoned out on Elmo!...me? Trying out my new flash unit using the wireless mode! I am sitting to Amelia's left and the flash is set on the TV pointed towards the wall as a bounce flash! Cool!

Miss Amelia is learning how to run!

Look at her go!

Crazy weather, eehh? Friday it was blazing hot, Saturday hot and windy, today rain and cold breezes. I love this time of year! I was so inspired by the weather I made a new appliqued shirt for Amelia!!

Friday was a stressful day for me. My goal was to get our Visas to Jordan completed and mailed off. I left at 9 am in order to get back home by 11 for my visiting teacher to come over. I was at Walmart trying to get three money orders to pay for the Visas. The line was about 15 people long and waiting was taking forever. Charity called while I was waiting in line saying she was at my house and needed to get into the townhouse to show a potential renter. I was NOT about to get out of line. So, I waited another 15 minutes not even moving. Frustrated I went home to drop off the key...it was the wrong one. The rogue key was hidden on Justin's dresser. I decided to try the bank for the money orders. That was much better. The teller even waived the $12 fee because she didn't want to fill out the paperwork. Nice. Next stop was to the Post Office. At the Post Office I realized that I had no idea who to make the money orders out to. I called Justin to look on the consulate website...nothing. I actually was childish enough to hang up on Justin because he was being difficult. Mom told me to make it out to the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan Consulate Washington DC. Phew. OK. It took me about 30 minutes to get the paperwork completed, organized, stamped, and paid for. The postal fee of $95 was more than the Visas ($94.50). I about crapped a brick when the guy told me it was $95 to mail the two envelopes. I could practically fly to DC and back for that amount!

We now have a new renter next door. The carpet was laid Tuesday and Wednesday. Kenny finished painting on Friday, it was advertised for the first time on Thursday. Rented and contracted out Friday morning! That was really fast. Friday evening we helped out Kenny to finish some cleaning before the lady moves in. I have yet to meet her and her 4 year old niece.

Saturday I decided it would be a good idea to ride out to Saltair and back. It was mildly windy on the way out and horrendous on the way back. The wind must have stirred up some allergens because within 30 minutes of finishing my 24 mile ride I had a BAD case of post-nasal drip. Yay, that turned into a full blown sinus infection within 12 hours. Now I am feeling pretty under the weather. Still, we went out to get some hot and sour soup and play with Amelia at Liberty Park. She was so cute running all over the place. The water area was still open so we let her get her feet wet...ended up going for a swim.

Today I went to sacrament meeting, came home and went to sleep around 10:20, napped until 1:30. That was a good nap. My head and allergies are not so bad after a long nap. Justin and I enjoyed introducing Amelia to the rain this evening. We haven't seen it enough to make an impression on her. I sang "Rain, rain go away" while standing out in the rain. She laughed and tried to say rain, "wayn". Now Justin is introducing her to Mary Poppins. She danced in her chair to Chim-chim-cherry. Looking back now, our life as single and married seems dull. Amelia is a huge ray of brilliant sunshine and rainbows.

28 August 2008

Kisses at the Park

Kisses for Daddy

Amelia is asking Daddy for a BMW...he is agreeing and doesn't know it

My newest venture into the world of appliqueing

Justin arrived home late last night in order to play golf with the KPMG guys early, early this morning. Poor guy is tired from all this traveling. He earned a sweet sunburn and tired shoulders from golf. Yesterday Amelia helped me choose a new pattern to decorate a plain pink shirt we had...it was a monkey! We went to DI for out weekly scavenge hunt. Some lady dropped off a load of practically new Carter's, Old Navy, Gap, and Gymboree clothes. I got 3 shirts for Miekka's little baby and two shirts for Amelia. The best deal was a rubber chicken that squawks.

Today Catherine came over for craft hour at my home. We made a bracelet for Kate and a pair of earrings for Catherine. Mostly we gabbed away! I was in poor form due to a raging headache and a terrible night of sleep. Amelia woke up 6 times last night with a runny nose. Her new crib trick is to throw all her binkys overboard then cry for them. Too bad, so sad little lady. We had lunch at Smelly Taco (ie Del Taco) for a diversion.

Justin met me at Inkley's (probably to monitor me and make sure I didn't spend $3800 on a new camera and lens...as if?!). I bought a reflective umbrella, lens cap, and media card wallet. I did slobber over an 85mm fixed lens...it was $1800. Geez Louise. This evening I made tortellini with a tomato, bell pepper, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar glaze. I love using fresh ingredients from my little garden.

I asked Amelia if she wanted to go on a walk after dinner was over. She toddles over to the door and said, bye-bye. She watched Justin put his hat on, so she opened the closet door, reached into her hat drawer, and put on a hat just like daddy. Ironically, she chose a hat that matched perfectly with her teal outfit! That's my girl! I love watching Amelia learn new things. She finally learned how to crawl through the play ground tube. First, she tried to stand up and bonked her head, then she crawled through, then tried out her stink bug crawl, then went backwards, etc. Love it! She even gave Justin some nice, boogery kisses.
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26 August 2008


Amelia in her cute new shirt

Biffed it at the park on wood chips

Scrapped her knee on the sidewalk

Poor baby!!! Looks like she lost the battle with the sidewalk and wood chips. Today was really fun for me. This morning Miekka watched Amelia for me while I attended a Photoshop class. Last week I discovered another store, Pictureline, in SLC that offers free classes. They offer classes twice a week on various photography topics. The guy who taught the class was phenomenal. He showed us some short cuts and tricks using layer masks that made me giddy. I use Photoshop Elements instead of the full blown Photoshop CS3. It does not have some of the tools PS3 has but I am slowly learning to circumnavigate around the missing tools. One crucial missing tool is something called a layer mask. I finally found a decent "mask" to download off the internet for elements that does a good job. My new monitor came in the mail today. It rocks. Fun times.

I met Miekka at Hancock Fabrics. We spent a merry time perusing fabric for a nursing shawl Miekka is making for a friend and fun fabric to make appliques out of. Jessica, you hooked me on appliques! Thanks! Afterwards we had lunch at McDonalds. Yum...or something. How come crafting is so expensive? Sometimes I lament my expensive hobbies.

This afternoon I finally reached my dirty carpet limit so cleaned the main level carpets. The carpet looks much better. Funny how when your carpet is dirty it feels like the whole house is dirty. My good friend Melody invited us over for an impromptu dinner. We went on a walk to the local park afterwards. Amelia kept tripping on the wood chips, eventually performing an awesome dive and slide through the chips on her face and legs. She was brave, didn't even cry...until I made eye contact that is!

25 August 2008


I made a new initiative to reduce the time I spend on the internet blogging, reading about photography, and Etsy. My new allotted time is 1 hour per day. So, I better make this quick!! Instead of surfing the net during Amelia's nap I made a cute applique for a white shirt she has. I love owls...very cute. Amelia gave her new "birdie" a kiss once I put it on her! Cute!!

Farewell Punkle Joe

Eating delicious Hawiian Haystacks

Making fun of Punkle Jeremy's new "band"

Yesterday the Lance's met at James and Miekka's for Joe's farewell dinner. He is finally off to boot camp in Texas tomorrow morning. He joined in February and is only now being sent to boot camp. Joe is very relieved to finally be off and doing something besides hanging out at Mom's. He will miss the Pettits! James and Miekka made Hawaiian haystacks with grilled salmon and sweet and sour sauce plus all the usual condiments. It was super good! They should be chefs and open their own restaurant.
We watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics. James heard that Jeremy is part of a band now. The players include a guitarist (who just got his first acoustic guitar), a drummer, pianist (Jeremy), and something else. We thought that was very funny so we had the kids make their own band with Seth on piano, Amelia on guitar, and Jacob on vocals. They probably sounded as good as Jeremy's band. Justin flew out to California around 8:45 pm.
Amelia had a night of diarrhea. I changed her diaper over 10 times last night. Now she has a horrid diaper rash and bleeding sores all over her bum-bum. We both feel like zombies! Still I took her on a bike ride. The wind was so strong it pushed us across the road when I biked east or west. This afternoon we looked at her scrapbook. She was delighted each time daddy and mommy showed up in a picture. She named her favorite cousin, Ana with kisses. She also exuberantly picked out Seth and gave him a kiss. When she found Jacob, she said, "No!" and started crying. Guess Jacob is not on her fav list. That is okay since Jacob "hates" everyone and everything. I take it that being 2.5 years old is not fun at all.

22 August 2008

Photography Frustrations

Wednesday and Thursday were quite exasperating days for me. I am honing my talents for photography as a business and a hobby. As I explained to Justin, I feel like an acountant who only has a calculator and knows about Excel and REALLY wants it. The Excel program would give him the results he seeks and the shortcuts that would make his job a little easier.

I am making do (quite well) with the best equipement I can afford. My camera is a starter DSLR, the lens are so-so, my lights irritating at best, my backdrop a creation of brillance. The vision in my head of portraits I want to create seem so impossible with the skills I possess. So where to start?

While proofing some photos with a client I noticed gray spots all over the black and white portraits. The pictures printed out with the same blotches. I can deal with equipement mediocrity because the results are awesome, but to give out a mediocre product...NO STINKIN' WAY. I talked with Uncle Scott for an hour about my issue. I decided to exhaust my entire "new Canon 5d" savings to upgrade my monitor and invest in a hot-shoe flash unit. My new monitor kicks-a. The resolution and contrast bring out the details my old monitor failed to show me. Now at least I can still produce print worthy images.

The flash is a sore subject with me. Flashes are custom-made for the camera brand. Why invest in a new flash when some day I will be switching from a Sony to a Canon outfit? Chaps my stinkin' hide. I needed the dang piece of EXPENSIVE flash for a wedding and outdoor photo shoots scheduled for the next couple weeks. It will be very handy.

My dream kit will take two-three years to save for. Oh, how sweet the day when I will have the right stuff. In the meantime I plan on taking as many photography classes as I can and keep on learning. One day, one step at a time. Isn't that the way of self-improvement? James referred me to an article that helped me regain perspective: Click here

Cutest "Dee-Doo" on the Block

Our Amelia has the cutest belly button (i.e. dee-doo) ever. She has an outie! Her tummy is covered with Cherry Limeade and Orange Fanta from our pizza picnic. Who else has the urge to kiss those chubby cheeks and cute lippies? ME!!!!!

Townhome rennovation

Our neighbors moved out last Saturday morning. In their wake they left behind a stinky mess. Bruce and Diana now own the townhouse that Charity and Ken used to own and rent it out. Our first experience with renters was not very pleasant. They had two dogs and a smoking sub-tenant, horrible housekeeping skills, and a love of burning incense. The dogs ruined the carpet since the renters let them pee and poo ALL over the carpet and were not consistent about cleaning it up. The carpet was sick-o yucky. Today we ripped out the rest of the carpet, pulled out the tacks, stripped wall paper, and prepped for paint. Kenny got to use the cool paint sprayer. He even showed off his white nostril hairs!!! How cool is that? We had a long, but satisfyingly hard working day.

Huge-mongous tomato

This year my tomatoes are thriving! Last year I only picked about 10 tomatoes total due to an airborne bacteria that destroyed my tomatoes. Every day I pick 1-3 fresh tomatoes for lunch, snack, or dinner. Amelia seems to enjoy a bite or two! I started making up my own tomato salad recipes. Last night I made one with a balsamic mayo dressing. It was good.

I've been watching one tomato in particular grow into a very large tomato. I had to share my lucky tomato!!! Yummy to the tummy!

20 August 2008

Fun Times

So far this week I been in a flurry of shopping. Eeek! Miekka and I went the Carter's store on Monday. That store should be banned from me. Nearly every time I go in the clerks say, "There goes our Carter's baby model." True, true. The word SALE sends me into a must-have-this mode. I bought about 7-8 outfits but had buyer's regrets so took half of it back the next day.
Yesterday my good friend Catherine came over to play crafty with me. She found the cutest fabrics at a store, Pine Needles, at Gardner Village. We made a super-cute onesie for her daughter. The fabric was so cute I went to the store later on that evening. The venture left me $25 dollars poorer but 25 times cuter. LOL.
After inventorying our food storage situation I realized that we did not have any wheat. Weird. I thought we had 2-3 buckets, the 2-3 buckets contained rice. Big Bummer. Mom told me the LDS distribution center carried #10 cans of wheat. I bought 24 cans of red wheat and 12 cans of oatmeal. At least we have some now. I plan on ordering more staples over the next few months. It is very comforting to know we can survive on what we have for at least 6-9 months. The feelings of preparedness have strengthened in the past couple months. The financial "depression" we are experiencing in our current economy seems to foretell bad news. Who knows?
Today I had lunch with two good friends, Tammy & Jess, at Cafe Rio. Tammy says the new 4 day 10 hour shifts with the state are harder to endure than a 5 day work week. I am sure it can be exhausting. I whipped out two more cute onsies while Amelia napped. This evening we were outside weeding the garden. Amelia's idea of smelling my "pree wowers" (pretty flowers) is to pull all the petals off an stomp on them. I turned on the water for her to play with. She ended up drinking from the hose spout. It was cute!

Two cute onesies made for twin girls

Yummy Water

18 August 2008

Amelia's Dancing Shadow

Saturday seemed like a long day! I had a photoshoot at 1 pm that went until 3 pm, it was exhausting but very fun.

We heard about a South American Cultural Fair in Bountiful so we went to check it out. Justin was very excited there was a Columbian food booth serving Arepas. I ate Arepas on my mission as well so the treat was well savored. Other than the Arepas the fair was sort of lame. Much to South American style the party did not really pick until after 7:30 pm. We only stayed a couple minutes but passed the park again 90 minutes later to see dancers performing and loud music.

We walked around the Bountiful Temple enjoying the clear view of the valley and teaching Amelia about "our" temple. She discovered her shadow and was delighted when it danced when she did. Click on the video!

Aunt Charity invited us over to play for a little while. Amelia toddled around after her cousins playing with sidewalk chalk. We love our cousins!

16 August 2008

Discovery Museum

Thursday seemed lackadaisical after our busy Wednesday. By 4 pm Amelia and I needed some other people to interact with so we called Miekka up. She invited us over to come play and for dinner. Justin arrived home later on that evening.

Justin, Amelia, and I went to the Discovery Museum Friday morning with Miekka, Seth, Jacob, and Mary (Miekka's mom). I was delighted that Amelia enjoyed herself so thoroughly. She was quite busy flitting here and there trying to play with everything. It seemed she enjoyed the water, grocery shop, and farm areas the most. We took a lunch break at the Gateway food court then went back for more fun. Seth and Jacob were equally busy playing. Jacob was very engaged in sorting items by size and color. He is at the perfect age for categorizing! By 2pm Amelia was showing signs of wearing out so we went home for a nice family nap.

James and Miekka babysat Amelia for us so we could catch a movie. We watched the new Mummy movie. It was very cheesy and funny. For dinner we munched on movie popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, and root beer. We both felt a bit grossed out after the indulgence. I won't be eating popcorn anytime soon! Amelia was a very good girl for James and Miekka! We picked her up smiling and handing out "fives".

I can't wait to see pictures of Jessica & Rory's new baby girl! She had her Thursday afternoon, reportedly 8lbs 2oz, 19 inches long, named Sadie Lyn (?). Jessica was about 11 days overdue! Yuck!

12 August 2008

Our Two Dollar Tuesday

Thanksgiving Point is having their $2 Tuesdays for the whole month of August. Miekka and the boys invited Amelia and I to visit the Dinosaur Museum with them this morning. The museum was packed. Traffic slowed down starting a mile away from the freeway ramp. It seemed every mother, stroller, and toddler was out in force.

I noticed a ton of pregnant bellies...at least five times I wanted to rub a belly to catch some good pregnany karma. Miekka doesn't like her belly rubbed so I had to look elsewhere. Maybe it is time to wear my good luck turtle earrings.

I left my stroller in the car. One less item to keep track of. Amelia is at the stage where walking is seventh heaven. She touched all the surfaces she could reach. I loved how all of the walls were textured like different rocks. Her favorite part was playing with dinosaur puzzles. She tolerated the sand pit area with amusement. Seth and Jacob enjoyed all the dinosaurs and hands-on exhibits. Fun times. We had some McDonald's kid meals for lunch. Yum, yum!

Funny story: This morning I was brushing my teeth while holding Amelia. She grabs a hold of my tooth brush and said, "I do it." Then proceeded to brush my teeth for me. She said the same thing when I poured her milk, changed her diaper, put shoes on, etc. It appears we now have a two year old 8 months early. She sure has enough tantrums already to qualify for the terrible twos.

11 August 2008


Whenever Amelia finds something that grabs her attention she often says: "ah-ohhh". Her little voice is so cute. In this video she also demonstrates her love of eating rocks. Maybe I should increase her fiber intake!!

How Many Wipies Does It Take To Clean A Face?

09 August 2008

Mommy's Day Out

Today was WONDERFUL. This morning I hopped on my bike sans bike trailer & Amelia for a 15 mile ride. Compared to my customary 50 min ride, I biked 5 miles further than with Amelia attached. It seemed wings were attached to my feet as my bike and I sped along.

Miekka, Jana, Amelia, and I attended Melia's baby shower this afternoon in Mt Green. Noelle and Laura decorated the front porch and lawn area in pink and white. Noelle made a fabulous diaper cake decorated with diapers (duh), socks, mitts, onesies, pacifiers, spoons, bibs, and a dozen other baby accessories. Laura taped various baby items to everyone's back, we had to ask yes/no questions to figure out what we were. Miekka and I tied first place for guessing what baby item was on our back. Actually, I won first but Miekka removed her tag first. She was a sore loser. LOL. Fun times.

My Relief Society had our annual outing. This year we went to see "Indiana Bones" at the Desert Star Theater. The satirous play kept us all in stitches. Desert Star is a dinner theater so we ordered treats to snack on while being visually entertained. In the foyer I discovered a fake outhouse. Of course I snapped a picture!

Dinner was held at a sister's home. She provided baked potatoes and S'mores for a treat. Yum, yum. I told Justin I'd be gone an hour but over spent my curfew by 85 minutes. Being alone with the ladies in my ward was the biggest treat. Thanks Justin!

08 August 2008

Bye Fweetie Kiss?

Mom, I stole your hat!!

Early this morning I had a follow-up doctor appointment. He pretty much told me what I thought he was going to say...that the dosages of thyriod and prednisone are too high. He thinks the prednisone caused my colon issues last week. I will listen (a little) and decrease both medications a smidggin. I was so out of it this morning I left my wallet on the kitchen counter. The front receptionist said she'd bill me my copay...dang it! I was hopeful they'd let me off the hook.

At home again Amelia and I had a fun day of laundry, cleaning, and research on canon cameras. Amelia folds laundry by flinging it over her shoulder. She makes our bed by burrowing into the sheets, and arranges my shoes by how far she can throw them. Love it!

Justin finally heard from Huish! Drum Roll PLEASE!!!!!! They won't know until October. Deflate. B-U-MMER. The new head dogs of the company are so new they don't know what they need/want yet. So the CFO will have to sit on the decision until the CEO gets it together. Life as usual. Justin is going to Livermore on Monday due to an "emergency" audit something or another. Double bummer.

To top off the evening Justin took me out for sushi at Happy Sumo. We sat out on the patio to watch all the people and enjoy the evening air. Amelia was quite amused by all the commotion. She hardly made a peep. We introduced her to edamame, she stuffed her mouth full, ruminated, then spit the green shells onto the table. Not quite the peas she was expecting. I was in heaven with a yummy sea weed salad, Vegas roll, cosmopolitian roll, and surf n' turf. We shared the haul! I have a new theory about waiters/waitresses: If you order water s/he automatically thinks you are cheap and pays you as little attention as possible. The customers who order wine or beer are cash pots. Our waitress got shafted and she did not even know it! Justin is a GOOD tipper, but her snooty, "you only want water" attitude drained her tip. After dinner we walked about the Gateway to settle our dinner. At home we performed the lazy dog on the grass while Amelia waved bye-bye, blew kisses, and wore my hat. What a wonderful evening.

Tummy Surfing

Amelia recently learned how to lay on her tummy in the bath tub. She learned the trick while swimming in a baby pool!

Cute Crafties

I made this set for my cousin Melia's baby shower! They plan on naming the baby, Aislinn, very Irish. I thought this outfit would fit right into the Irish theme of things!!

05 August 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!! I'm 31

Last year when I turned 30 Justin reminded me that at least I still had my hair. What a funny guy!

This year I am thinking, "horray, I have the best husband, the coolest daughter, plus...I have my hair and some sweet cycling shoes!" Life could not get better!

Justin wanted to get me something I would not get for myself. We went to REI and found some schweet road bike shoes. I am very excited to see how the shoes will improve my biking performance.

Justin and I had lunch with my yearly FREE coupon from Noodles and Company (see picture above). How come free always tastes better? Must be the Baerwaldt blood in my genes.

Amelia and I went over to the Lance's around 4:30. Amelia was super-duper cranky and acting like a cling-on. Once Justin showed up she took a chill pill. Miekka (and James) cooked up the yummiest birthday meal of shrimp scampi, braised broccoli, and bread. My birthday cake was to DIE for: an angel food cake with lemon cream filling and strawberry glaze. Holy Smokes...it was good. I am craving another 12 inch slice that would last me another year or so. Jana, Joe, and Courtenay all came over for dinner. Courtenay got me a teal scrapbooking tote. Can't wait to use it. Jana pampered me with lotions, nail polish, and sundry beauty products. Best of all was a phone call from the Jordan Lances. They sang "Wappy Berfday" with gusto. Can't wait for my next birthday!

03 August 2008

Cafe Rio Bliss

Today I was industrious. I actually planned a meal in advance. Last night (surprise) I defrosted a largish pork roast. This morning I prepared it to cook in the crock pot all day (surprise) before church. James, Miekka, Seth, Jacob, Jana, and De-bo all came over for dinner. I was really surprised to find all the ingredients needed (with some substitutions) to make Cafe Rio pork salads. Yummy. One good thing about fasting is that nearly anything tastes good after 24 hours of no food. Amelia bonked her lip playing "ghost train" after 20 seconds. She was pretty crabby with her cousins. If Jakes looks at her she practically melts into tears. Dra-ma.

Justin should hear back this week about a possible new job offer. He had two interviews and a lunch with the company so far. The new job would mean less traveling, more pay, and more health insurance coverage. We are thinking of moving into a more practical home with more storage and a garage for Justin's future motorcycle. LOL...men. He told me we needed a new house with a garage for a motorcycle we don't own.

I am feeling MUCH better. The medication to calm down my colon seemed to help. Yippee! I will be on my bike early tomorrow morning after a four day break. I hope your colon doesn't go into spasms anytime soon. Not fun.

Cafe Rio Recipes

Creamy Tomatillo Dressing
3 large tomatillos
1 cup buttermilk
1 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sour cream
1 envelope buttermilk ranch dressing mix
1 clove garlic, minced
1 juice of one fresh lime
1 jalapeno pepper, diced (make sure to wear gloves when dicing it, use seeds and all)
Salt to taste
**You can also use serrano peppers for a spicier dressing (the green tabasco works too)

Remove husks from tomatillos, wash, quarter and broil until soft--about 7 minutes. Combine everything in blender until smooth. Chill for at least one hour for flavors to blend.

Pork Barbacoa
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon powdered allspice
1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoons ancho chile powder
Mix these ingredients into a dry rub, rub into the pork (can use picnic pork shoulder, pork chops, roast).

4 cloves garlic, minced and mashed to a paste
1 onion sliced into rings
2 tablespoons orange juice
juice from one lime
1/4 cup rasberry vinegar
2 cups of chicken broth

Add wet ingredients to crock pot, rub spices into pork, place in crock pot, and simmer for 6 hours or until it falls apart.

Cilantro-Lime Rice
1 cup uncooked rice
1 teaspoon butter or margarine
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 teaspoon lime zest
1 can (15 oz) chicken broth
1 1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
3 tablespoons fresh chopped cilantro

In a saucepan combine rice, butter, garlic, lime peel, chicken broth and water. Bring to a boil. Cover and cook 15-20 minutes, until rice is tender. Remove from heat. In a small bowl combine lime juice, sugar and cilantro. Pour over hot cooked rice.

02 August 2008

Grandma and Grandpa's New Guest Room

About a month ago Grandma and Grandpa Lance jumped on an airplane to come visit Utah for a week or so. They left my dad, Scott, Jon, and Shawn in Gilroy. Scott decided it was time to reduce his footprint in their home (he lives with them in the two front bedrooms). So, Dad and Scott refinished the left bedroom with Shawn's help. All of this was kept secret from Grandma and Grandpa.

My dad is a strange beast with wild ideas and ways. From what he related and what Scott related, Dad went to a furniture store. In about 5 minutes flat he point to a "girly" bed, grunted, "me want that" and threw down the money for the rest of the set. Then the men went to Target to find a bed spread set. The rule, established by my dad, was that if you looked or held something longer than 5 minutes you were gay. I can just imagine packages of sheets and quilts tossed like hot potatoes after 4 minutes and 59 seconds. One of the guys found a girly blue flowered set that looked like something Grandma would like.

Scott bought the paint..apparently he took more time choosing the paint than my dad did getting the furniture! Back at the house they painted the room and assembled the furniture. Scott went to T.J. Maxx for accent pieces. Unbeknownst to my dad Scott actually bought about 5 different types of lamps to try out in the room (Scott is NOT gay).

Once the room was finished the door was shut and the room waited to be discovered. Once Grandma and Grandpa returned home from their visit, Scott asked Grandma to go check out his office for her opinion on where the printer should be. Grandma opened the door and screamed, yes, screamed. Grandpa came running nearly ready to fight the unsightly foe in Scott's office. To their delight they found a quaint, peaceful new guest room. Now when guests come Grandma won't have to forfeit her bed.

Score 100 for Scott and Dad.

Here is a video of the room...sorry it is a bit shaky...Amelia was glued to my leg.

01 August 2008

Onion Layers

A couple years ago before drifting off to sleep I explained to Justin that I was like an onion: many layers of complexity but not as smelly. Another layer was exposed today.

Monday afternoon I noticed a sharp pain in my lower pelvic area. The pain stabbed me each time I turned or moved unexpectedly. Like a true Lance I ignored the pain and thought, "no pain, no gain." Last night the pain suddenly errupted into a radiating, pluse. Sleeping comfortably was not an option. So, I dreamed strange dreams. Once again the dream that we are going to have twin boys named Phillip (Justin's fav name) and Everett (my fav). Waking up in a cold sweat is never pleasant.

This afternoon I went to see my family doctor. He is a nice guy. After prodding me, asking embarrassing questions and exclaiming over my distended abdomen he concluded that my colon is having spasms. Wierd. Maybe it will all sort out in a couple more days. At the end of the appointment I asked him to write another prescription for Armour Thyriod. He looked at me funny and asked why not Synthroid.
*For those not part of our family we recently started thyroid treatment to offset a mitrochondrial depletion caused by my Mom's radiation therapy 50 years ago. Last September I met with my Dr, bringing a five page document explaining our reasoning, symptoms, and treatment. Dr looked at me like I had ten heads. I imagined him laughing his head off after the appointment. Fine. I ordered the needed medication off the internet from England and Mexico.*

Dr asked me to truthfully tell him why I did not consult with him. I said, "Well, you did not act like you believed in my situation, so I went another direction and self-medicated." I guess this answer was a first honest answer in a long time. He started laughing and said I was right and that we would start over. So maybe I do have an ally in my doctor after all.

Onion Layer revealed: bluntness

Hill Air Force Museum

Today we went to see the Air Force museum. The weather was REALLY hot at 102 degrees. When we got out of the car I felt the sun on my back as if my shirt were burned away. Justin and I waited for a while since Melissa, Jonathon, Spenser, Laura, and the kids were to met us. We finally gave up and went to the back hanger. Amelia was enthralled with all the shiny floors and neat swinging rope barriers. Justin looked at the planes while I tracked Amelia. Her new game is to get as far as she feels comfortable then run back saying mommy, mommy or daddy, daddy. Pretty cute! The museum closed about 15 minutes after the rest of our group arrived...which was about all the 3 year olds could handle any way.

We celebrated Libby-lou's 9th birthday in advance so Spenser and Laura could participate. Laura made Sweet and Sour chicken with fresh veggies and fruit. Swimming was next on Libby's special day. Amelia is becoming quite the fish. She LOVES the kiddie pool. Her new pool trick is to walk around unassisted. When she falls she waits underwater for someone to pull her up. Luckily, she knows how to blow out of her nose. After popping out of the water she is ready for more action. She will also kick her legs and try to swim! Oddly enough I didn't have my camera to take a video of her new skills.