09 August 2008

Mommy's Day Out

Today was WONDERFUL. This morning I hopped on my bike sans bike trailer & Amelia for a 15 mile ride. Compared to my customary 50 min ride, I biked 5 miles further than with Amelia attached. It seemed wings were attached to my feet as my bike and I sped along.

Miekka, Jana, Amelia, and I attended Melia's baby shower this afternoon in Mt Green. Noelle and Laura decorated the front porch and lawn area in pink and white. Noelle made a fabulous diaper cake decorated with diapers (duh), socks, mitts, onesies, pacifiers, spoons, bibs, and a dozen other baby accessories. Laura taped various baby items to everyone's back, we had to ask yes/no questions to figure out what we were. Miekka and I tied first place for guessing what baby item was on our back. Actually, I won first but Miekka removed her tag first. She was a sore loser. LOL. Fun times.

My Relief Society had our annual outing. This year we went to see "Indiana Bones" at the Desert Star Theater. The satirous play kept us all in stitches. Desert Star is a dinner theater so we ordered treats to snack on while being visually entertained. In the foyer I discovered a fake outhouse. Of course I snapped a picture!

Dinner was held at a sister's home. She provided baked potatoes and S'mores for a treat. Yum, yum. I told Justin I'd be gone an hour but over spent my curfew by 85 minutes. Being alone with the ladies in my ward was the biggest treat. Thanks Justin!

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I'm glad she liked the things I sent...wish I could've been there...but you know...pesky baby about to come and all. haha

Taylor's said...

It sounded so fun! Wish I was up for going . . .